TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
Air GearSeriesOn Hold2/?n/a [notes]
Caught my interest. Can't wait to see how it unfolds and to read the manga as well. ^^
AkiraMovieComplete1/18 [notes]
One of my first anime movies, and I loved the fluidity of the animation itself. ^^ Fabulous story!
Angel SacntuaryOVATo See0/3n/a [notes]
The art work caught my eye, and always wanted to watch it and read it.
Angelic LayerSeriesOn Hold15/?n/a [notes]
Loved it! Can't wait to continue. It's tied in with Chobits and that's pretty cool.
AppleseedMovieComplete1/1n/a [notes]
I'll put complete just because I know I've seen it but don't remember if I fell asleep through some of the parts. ^^; Interesting animation can't remember much on the story.
Ayashi no CeresMangaOn Hold3/?n/a [notes]
Love Yu Watase! ^.^
Azumanga DaiohMangaComplete4/48 [notes]
the good random! ^_^ loved it and funny as hell!
BerserkSeriesOn Hold20/25n/a [notes]
Love this series. A very serious anime, with hints of comedy but it's not your slap stick comedy. Oh so close to finish watching this series, on the last disc.
Big OSeriesAbandoned2/?n/a [notes]
Just never picked up interest.
Black CatSeriesOn Hold1/?n/a[info] [notes]
Shonen, really good hook on the first episode
BleachSeriesOn Hold3/?n/a [notes]
Started to watch it with my boyfriend and enjoyed it very much... he continued to watch it without me. -_-;;; Need to pick it up myself.
Blood: The Last VampireMovieComplete1/13 [notes]
ugh! Too short for my taste and right when it picked my interest, when the story was gaining momentum, when it was getting good... they end it. Damn it! >.< Other then that huge irritating factor, it was really good animation.
Blue Submerine No. 6SeriesComplete6/6n/a [notes]
Don't remember if I watched this anime entirely, but have enjoyed what I remembered. One of my first anime that I discovered that wasn't on tv.
ChobitsMangaComplete8/87 [notes]
I believe this was one of my first mangas that I've ever completed. ^^ Loved the story and the art.
Comic PartySeriesComplete13/136 [notes]
Sometimes it was a little boring but enjoyed it. Hated the ending until I found out there's a second season! XD Finally! Must watch.
Comic Party RevolutionSeriesTo See0/?n/a
Death NoteSeriesWatching17/?n/a[info] [notes]
Awesome! Very good anime with suspense, psychological, and a hint of comedy. ^^
Detective ConanSeriesOn Hold7/?6 [notes]
Very cute anime. ^^ Not sure If I'll ever pick it up again... but you never know.
Dragon Ball ZSeriesAbandoned50/?7 [notes]
Seen like, almost every episode that aired on Cartoon Network. My dad even watched this series with me. I also met my best friend of.... 8 years through this series. v.v mhmm. Good memories.
Eden's BowySeriesWatching1/?n/a [notes]
Don't know what to think so far, a cross between Magic Knights Rayearth and Record of Lodoss War, fell asleep during the first episode... ^^;
Escaflowne the MovieMovieComplete1/1n/a [notes]
Can't really rank this one, never really watched the series. I watched with my friend who explained to me bits and pieces of the series. So... other then that it was enjoyable.
Excell SagaSeriesAbandoned3/?2 [notes]
o_O What the hell?? The bad kind of random. ugh.
FLCLSeriesComplete6/69 [notes]
One of the best animes out there.
Fruits BasketSeriesComplete26/268 [notes]
Cute! With that ending though, I hope there's a second season. Funny funny fun!
Full Metal AlchemistSeriesWatching4/?n/a [notes]
Full Metal Panic!MangaOn Hold3/?n/a [notes]
Kinda slow in the beginning but key points of the story that wont let me put this down.
Fushigi YugiSeriesComplete52/52n/a [notes]
I think there's two seasons, never finished but love it! Also, don't remember which episode I'm on, so should start all over. v.v
GantzSeriesWatching5/?n/a [notes]
Another psychological thriller. ^^ A very interesting one and a really nasty scene with a dog and a girl..... and the part before that too... *shudders* But still a good one none the less.
GenshikenSeriesComplete12/127 [notes]
It drags at time, but funny as hell sometimes too. ^^ Jokes about Otakus and their sub-culture.
Golden BoyOVATo See0/6n/a [notes]
Always wanted to see this one. XD
Green Green TVSeriesWatching1/12n/a [notes]
Funniest thing ever! Want to continue so bad!
Gundam WSeriesComplete49/498 [notes]
Loved this one too! XD I think I enjoyed the 6 guys more then the anime itself. lol! ^^;
HamtaroSeriesAbandoned15/?n/a [notes]
Cute anime. ^^ It made me giggle.
Howl's Moving CastleMovieComplete1/110+ [notes]
Love it! One of my fave Miyasaki films. ^^ The story, characters, and animation is never a let down.
Ichigo MashimaroSeriesComplete12/127 [notes]
Funny! Best seen in Japanese. ^^
Kare First LoveMangaComplete10/1010 [notes]
The number of "episodes" is the number of volumes not chapters, will be doing the same for all mangas. This one is fabulous! Loved every minute of it, especially that wedding proposal! XD
Kiki's Dilvery ServiceMovieComplete1/110 [notes]
An uber cute Miyasaki film! ^_^ Love it1
KiteOVAComplete1/1n/a [notes]
Enjoyed all the bloody mess! ^_^
Le Cavelier D'EonSeriesOn Hold3/?n/a
Love HinaMangaComplete14/1410 [notes]
Funniest ever!
Lupin IIISeriesAbandoned20/?n/a [notes]
Another funny one. ^^ thoroughly enjoyed this one.
Magic Knight's RayearthSeriesOn Hold15/?n/a [notes]
Another one I must continue. ^^
Millenium ActressMovieComplete1/18 [notes]
This one you have to pay close attention too.
Monster RancherSeriesAbandoned5/?n/a [notes]
Watched this a looooooong time ago. ^^
My (Mai) HimeSeriesOn Hold15/26n/a [notes]
Action packed and enough suspense to keep me interested. Plus it's not bad when it comes to the jokes. A good well-rounded anime... but not so much lovey dove stuff.
NarutoSeriesOn Hold10/?n/a
Nausicaa of the Valley of the WindMovieComplete1/19 [notes]
Another Miyasaki film, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. ^_^
NegimaMangaReading3/14n/a [notes]
Really good, similar to Love Hina
NegimaSeriesWatching12/?n/a [notes]
Can't stand the dubbed voices. -_-;;
Neo RangaSeriesComplete48/489 [notes]
Another good one. Hints of Neon Genesis, but not so much. The only thing I was disappointed with was that I didn't get to see the 3 sisters in the tribal outfits that the opening had. -_-;
Neon Genisis EvangelionSeriesComplete26/2610 [notes]
An insane anime! ^^ Definitely one of my faves.
Ninja ScrollMovieComplete1/19 [notes]
Watched this one along time ago and loved too. ^_^ Very interesting how she killed her enemies... and the snake. >.>
Onegai TeacherOVAComplete13/135 [notes]
Can't say much about this one.
Outlaw StarSeriesOn Hold10/26n/a [notes]
This was a kick ass anime, watched it when it aired on Cartoon Network. ^^ Can't wait to pick it up again and watched it in all of it's subtitled and unedited glory. XD
Paranoia AgentSeriesOn Hold8/13n/a [notes]
Really good, another psychological thriller. v.v Watched it with my man and am waiting until he gets the next dvd to continue. ^^
PokemonSeriesAbandoned30/?n/a [notes]
Only the first season was good... then it went downhill from here. And it's funny how I still have yet to see the first episode. Always stared it on the second.
PriestMangaOn Hold1/13n/a [notes]
Would love to finish!
Princess MonokeMovieComplete1/1S+ [notes]
My first Miyasaki film and my ultimate fave of his movies. Loved every bit of it.
R.O.D.OVAComplete3/310+ [notes]
One of my ultimate fave!!! XD
R.O.D.MangaComplete4/410+ [notes]
Loved it! Especially the Art Work
Real Bout High SchoolMangaComplete6/69 [notes]
Loved the art, awesome story, and the characters were kick ass. ^^
Revolutionary Girl UtenaSeriesComplete39/399 [notes]
Crazy one! But awesome. v.v
Rrouni KenshinSeriesOn Hold20/95n/a [notes]
Awesome anime! =D
Sailor MoonSeriesComplete200/2009 [notes]
First Anime!
Samurai ChamplooSeriesOn Hold4/?n/a [notes]
Very good! Shall pick it up soon.
School RumbleMangaReading2/?n/a [notes]
Slow beginning, waiting for it to pick up.
Speed GrapherSeriesOn Hold6/?n/a [notes]
Very interesting. ^^
Spirited AwayMovieComplete1/110+ [notes]
Another top 3 faves from Miyasaki (along with princess monoke and Howl's Moving Castle). ^^ Enjoyed the characters in it.
Steamboat ChroniclesMovieComplete1/110 [notes]
Great story, and amazing animation!
SuperGALS!SeriesOn Hold26/52n/a [notes]
Watched all of the first season. Its funny, sometimes drags. But interesting reference to trends and pop culture in japan.
TenchiSeriesOn Hold30/?n/a
TrigunSeriesOn Hold5/?n/a
Utena The MovieMovieComplete1/18 [notes]
This is a crazy movie! I had to watch it about 3 times to get a little bit of what's going on.
Wedding PeachSeriesOn Hold10/?n/a [notes]
Oh Man! Another Sailor Moon series!!! ^_^ Love it!
Witch Hunter RobinSeriesOn Hold10/?n/a [notes]
I love this anime! Can't wait to continue!