AnimeSeen was created so that there would be a clean, lightweight, to keep track of the anime, movies, etc., that you've seen. The idea was come up with in AnimeBlogger IRC. Thanks to input from various persons in the channel, the initial beta was written the next day. Special thanks to lolikitsune. Various changes have been made since then.

Can I particpate?
Sadly, this project is pretty much dead and only still here for posterity. Thanks for your interest though!

Please Link!
As I said, I'm still looking for people to test and so word needs to get out! Help by writing about AnimeSeen on your blog or with linking to the site with this button!

Guru3 - guru dot three at gmail dot com - some people have been having problems, that's the word three, not the number.

What's this mean? Yeah, it's a bit confusing. Sorry about this. 0-10 is I think explanatory. 10+ is an anime that stands out. S is a special mention for your Top 10. Sc is a special mention for comedy. S+ is the ultimate special mention, the best of the best. This may be changed eventually, blame lolikitsune for now or ask him if there any more questions about the rating system.

Last Update?
This was the last time a user edited their list. This used to be GMT+1, but now appears to be GMT-8.

Change Log:
April 1st 2007: Initial Version, IE compatibility for [notes], other small fixes.
April 2nd 2007: Added Type, additional ratings, 0 Total Episodes gives a question mark,Search Title on AniDB ANFO ANN, autoset status to Complete when Total Episodes is equal to the number of Episodes Watched, other small fixes.
April 3rd 2007: Auto set Status to To Watch when Episodes Watched is equal to 0, added About page and as much of the changes as remembered, added new account creation information, rating information on about page, ability to sort by Title/Type/Status/Rating, other small fixes.
April 5th 2007: Auto change from To Watch to Watching when going from 0/X to !0/X Progress, added Visual Novel type and Reading status, color codes for status, ANN Import feature (special thanks to Lainforce), other small fixes.
April 21st-22nd 2007: Moved servers, restructured the code, resdesigned the interface, and sort follows through edit.
April 22nd 2007: Front page now uses columns for better use of space.
April 23rd 2007: Fixed a small loginname issue, added robots.txt and favicon.ico.
April 24th 2007: Keep track of sort better.
May 28th 2007: Realized the ANNImport feature was broken since server change, thanks to aurabolt. Disabled until I have time to fix it after my exams.
July 27th 2007: Proper error indication when editing/adding an entry, alternating background color of rows for easier readability, if you go to edit an entry without being loggedin (or you timed out) after logging in you will proceed to editing the entry you previously selected.
August 4th 2007: Added [++] link to increase watched by one automatically, login failed message, logged in as bit, relocated stats to header - let me know if this looks weird.
August 5th 2007: Tweaked header locations some, logged in as also a link to your page, [++] fixed for X/?? series.
September 5th 2007: Exactly one month since the last update! Fixed a bug pointed out by exocet. Thanks!