TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
.hack//DuskSeriesComplete13/137[info] [notes]
I like this .hack series. It goes at a faster pace than .hack//Sign, and the characters are well drawn. ^_^ And it's about a video game! How cool is that?! ^_^ RENA! lol....it's sorta funny to hear that. ^_^
.hack//IntermezzoOVAComplete1/16[info] [notes]
Ep 27 of .hack//Sign
.hack//LiminalityOVAComplete4/45[info] [notes]
This was the OVA that came with the 4 .hack games. It's supposed to show what happens in the real world while the game shows what's happening in "The World". I guess it wasn't too interesting without being able to play the game. =( Someone please lend me the games, please! With a PS2 to play with it! =)
.hack//SignSeriesComplete26/266[info] [notes]
This started a bit slow and confusing, but soon it made sense a bit. It's more of an anime where you're just watching to figure out how they answer the riddle about the Key of the Twilight, but its impossible to predict how it's going to turn out. The ending(ep 26) was not too satisfying though. =/ I like it because its about a video game too and I can relate with that. It's more of a drama anime than an action anime.
.hack//UnisonOVAComplete1/16[info] [notes]
Ep 28 of .hack//Sign
A Cheeky AngelSeriesAbandoned1/504[info] [notes]
I went to the anime club's shoujo night and they watched this. I didn't like it. Ugly animation. O_O The storyline might be alright, but the animation turned me off quite alot. ^^;;
Ah My Goddess!SeriesAbandoned1/266[info] [notes]
The art is alright, but there hasn't been much to interest me yet. When I was deciding on what to watch, other stuff had more priority. ^^;;
AIRSeriesComplete13/139[info] [notes]
One of the best anime in terms of graphics and detail. The storyline was pretty good, a bit slow, but progressed well. I would have rated this higher, but I didn't like the ending at all, so it went down from a 9 to an 8. It's rated high for its quality in animation, plot, and sound effects.
AIR in SummerOVAComplete2/210[info] [notes]
Very beautiful OVA that goes into the summer arc of the story. Kanna-sama is very kawaii xD
Azumanga DaiohSeriesComplete26/266[info] [notes]
It's highly random and funny, but often it drags on so it brings down the rating a lot. I read the manga first, and I thought it was fast-paced and random and funny, but the anime was SOO slow....nothing addicting about it, so I'll finish this on my own good time. I'd say about 50% of it or less is funny while the rest is just slow. The jokes stick in your head though. ^^;;
Black CatSeriesComplete23/237[info] [notes]
I was looking forward to this anime, but the character designs are so different from the manga and the storyline is all changed. =/ It still looks decent though. However, the storyline sucks badly compared to the manga, and the ending was pretty sad too. GONZO really does suck at making endings. =/
BleachSeriesOn Hold63/?8[info] [notes]
Pretty good. It seems to go a bit fast though. =/ Also, it changed the storyline a bit by making there more of a romantic relationship between Rukia and Ichigo. The anime stuck close to the manga in the beginning, but it's starting to add stuff in the 20+ episodes. But even though it follows the manga, I enjoy watching it because somehow they didn't make it seem too slow, compared to like Naruto or DBZ....
BokuranoSeriesWatching4/?7[info] [notes]
wow...such a serious anime. i hope this is a good ride. xD
Canvas 2SeriesComplete24/246[info] [notes]
I'm not too into harem animes, but somehow I decided to check this one out. It's not too bad, but I guess I still find it weird how a guy can get so many girls to like him. ^^;; It was a good ride though.
Card Captor SakuraSeriesComplete70/707[info] [notes]
Nothing bad with the anime, just can be a bit girly sometimes. No blood, etc. Watching it all marathon style was fun though...=) A perfect mahou shoujo anime. =)
Chrno CrusadeSeriesComplete24/248[info] [notes]
Great animation and sound quality. It was pretty good all the way up to the end, but the last few eps were depressing and the ending sucked. Now I know why ppl hate GONZO so much. =/
Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion SeriesComplete23/23S[info] [notes]
This anime is so awesome that it's hard to explain it. O_O The plot just keeps getting thicker and better and the main char keeps the ball rolling. Animation is topnotch and the storyline is compelling. O_O CRAZYNESS!
Coyote Ragtime ShowSeriesAbandoned1/127[info] [notes]
This is one of the BEST first eps I've seen. However, I heard the story just sucks after this so I didn't watch the rest of the show. I'm glad I didn't watch it, since I heard it was super disappointing. =/
D. GraymanSeriesWatching23/527[info] [notes]
Average adaption of a good manga. The fillers are annoying, and the animation quality makes the chars less cool. =/
Darker than BlackSeriesWatching5/?8[info] [notes]
One of the most hyped anime for Spring 2007. Well drawn anime with a good soundtrack. It's pretty interesting right now. =)
DearSSeriesComplete13/136[info] [notes]
Pretty alien girls that are actually built to be slaves. Annoying perverted teacher. Guy who is an alien hater has a pretty alien girl that becomes his slave. o_O This is an okay anime, with lots of chibi action (which I like), but also was slightly ecchi sometimes.
Death NoteSeriesWatching25/37S[info] [notes]
OMG...you have not seen a great anime until you've watched Death Note. It's a very faithful adaption of the manga, but it does an awesome job of it. The storytelling is AWESOME, and the drama and tension are well directed.
Digi CharatSeriesComplete16/166[info] [notes]
Apparently this is one of the most well known anime around, since I see TONS of this char's image and people cosplaying as the main char. I personally don't like the main char, and the anime's quality is short and very low quality, but there are those small good points that bring the score up to a 6. Small good points as in a small kawaii character named Puchiko. XD I have the summer specials and the other special episodes too.
Digimon 1SeriesComplete54/547[info] [notes]
The first and second digimon seasons were pretty good, then my attention waned on the third, then I totally didn't pay attention to the fourth season. It's actually pretty good though. =)
Digimon 2SeriesComplete50/507[info] [notes]
The first and second digimon seasons were pretty good, then my attention waned on the third, then I totally didn't pay attention to the fourth season. It's actually pretty good though. =)
Digimon 3SeriesComplete51/517[info] [notes]
The first and second digimon seasons were pretty good, then my attention waned on the third, then I totally didn't pay attention to the fourth season. It's actually pretty good though. =)
DragonballSeriesAbandoned30/1536[info] [notes]
Averagely interesting. Too bad I didn
Dragonball ZSeriesAbandoned100/2917[info] [notes]
Pretty interesting fight scenes, but are drawn out over 5 episodes. =/ Too much talking, too little fighting. =P Memorable characters though.
Erementar GeradSeriesComplete26/267[info] [notes]
Girls who can merge with humans to become ultimate weapons. The weapons are cool, but the attacks are sometimes...weird? Kind of interesting way of having people support each other fighting. ^_^ I mean, what would YOU think about using your female friend as a weapon? lol The anime was good in the beginning, but the animation quality was always so-so. I LOVE the OP, and the OST is pretty good, since it was by the same group that did Mai-HiME. The plot was simple, but it got worse ep 20+. =/ It felt made up. =/ That dropped my rating for it a bit.
Fate/Stay NightSeriesComplete24/247[info] [notes]
The most anticipated anime of winter 2006. It was a fun anime to watch. Sorta cheesy but still filling and fun. =P
Fruits BasketSeriesComplete26/266[info] [notes]
The animation is so-so, but the comedy in the storyline makes up for it. The ending was disappointing for me though.
Full Metal Panic!SeriesComplete24/248[info] [notes]
Great anime. =) Good art plus good soundtrack, etc. I enjoyed this anime a lot. It's supposed to follow 3 novels, so I guess thats why it might not have a super long plot, but each few episode story arc was good by itself. Sousuke is hilarious as he is so clueless on normal high school life. XD Also, he reminds me of Heero Yuy with a Kenshin scar. ^_^
Full Metal Panic! The Second RaidSeriesComplete13/13S[info] [notes]
YAY! Another season of FMP! XD The first episode was exactly what I was hoping for. ^_^ Great animation with same great action scenes like the first season. But then I heard ep 2 had nudity in it, so I felt kind of turned off. =/ I was going to drop watching it, but then I realized I could just skip ep 2 and read the summaries or something. xD ^^;; So then a month after it was finished, we picked it up together and watched it. It was awesome. O_O
Full Metal Panic? FumoffuSeriesComplete15/15S+[info] [notes]
Great anime too! =D This is based off the short stories that Full Metal Panic didn't cover, so its filled with HILARIOUS episodes. ^_^ Can't stop laughing watching some of these episodes. O_O Watch out though, the hot springs episode is....um....not suitable for 16 and under .^^;; (btw, I skipped that episode =P)
Full Moon wo SagashiteSeriesOn Hold1/526[info] [notes]
I heard it was a good anime to watch, so I got it. It's staying alright, but I don't enjoy her voice too much. But it's only the first ep, and I bet I'll get used to it. =)
Fullmetal AlchemistSeriesComplete51/51S+[info] [notes]
One of the BEST animes I've watched! This is one of the first anime that I started watching regularly and I back then couldn't wait for each episode to come out. Has a very complex plot that keeps you riveted to your seat! It's average pace in the beginning, but it really gets good in the later episodes. Good animation plus good storyline and character development. ^_^
Fullmetal Alchemist: The MovieMovieComplete1/1S+[info] [notes]
A great conclusion to the anime
FutakoiSeriesComplete13/137[info] [notes]
Love story of lots cute twins all after one guy. Lucky bum(or maybe not) lol. It started off a bit slow then had a pretty good buildup to the end. All I can remember is that the twins were super kawaii. lol
Futakoi AlternativeSeriesComplete13/138[info] [notes]
Quite funny in the beginning, and then it turned into a more serious love story between Rentarou and the twins. But even with the serious-ness, they do it with a lot of comedy. lol The art and sound is quite good too. Go twins! ^_^ One of my favorite animes. ^___^ Note: watch it as a drama/romance, not as an action anime that the first ep may lead you to thinking. =D
Galaxy AngelSeriesComplete26/267[info] [notes]
The characters are all well drawn, but I think this anime is supposed to not really have a overarching storyline, so I think this is the highest rating it can get, just for it's comedy factor. But it's still quite enjoyable. ^_^
Galaxy Angel ZSeriesOn Hold6/247[info] [notes]
This is just as enjoyable to watch as the first season. =)
Gundam SEEDSeriesComplete50/509[info] [notes]
I watched a few episodes, and I was hooked. The animation and music were top-notch, and the storyline was great. I really enjoyed this, and I finished this in 2 days. ^^;; The plot and drama was really deep and touching, so that kept me hooked as I wanted to find out what happens to the characters. Most of the Gundams aren't too cool though, a bit bland or unoriginal. Stuff that helped keep it from a 10: lots of recaps, with recap episodes too; lots of reused footage.
Gundam SEED DestinySeriesComplete50/506[info] [notes]
Well, the animation quality and soundtrack were good, but the anime ending was disappointing. There was a lot of potential with the plot for this anime, but they couldn't continue with the momentum and ended flat on their face. There were lots of cool scenes and stuff, but those are mostly fanservice for the fans of Gundam SEED. Less loveable characters, TONS of recap eps(2 in 8 eps? O_O), reused footage, rehashed plotlines, annoying OP/EDs, and bad storyline makes this a less fulfilling anime than SEED or Wing. Recommended only for fans of Gundam SEED, because only the fans of GS will be happy about this anime.
Gundam WingSeriesComplete49/497[info] [notes]
Some of the coolest Gundams ever. =P I also watched it when I was 15 and having all the characters as 15 year olds didn't hurt. =P I finally got to finish this recently, so I might have lowered the rating due to the fact that animation-wise and music-wise, it can't match with the current anime. So I tried to watch it thinking I was still 15. ^^;; In that light, it's still pretty good.
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru SoraSeriesComplete6/67[info] [notes]
Sorta interesting story. =) A guy falling in love with a terminally ill girl and how they find the strength to live. It's sweet.
Hayate no GotokuSeriesWatching3/?8[info] [notes]
Quite an interesting and comedic series.
HellsingSeriesComplete14/146[info] [notes]
Bloody, but Alucard has that cool kick-butt demeanor that makes Hellsing attractive. Can't wait for season 2.
Hellsing UltimateOVAWatching2/?8[info] [notes]
Oh my...the OVA series for Hellsing are soo good. They improved on the animation quality of the series and made it great. =)
Higurashi no Naku Koro niSeriesAbandoned4/266[info] [notes]
This is one scary anime. It's very bloody and evil in it's murder stories....I couldn't handle watching much of it. It's very popular though.
Honey and CloverSeriesOn Hold6/247[info] [notes]
The life of a poor college student, and his crazy life with his buddies. The only reason why this anime is alright is because of Morita being so funny. Other than that, it's average/slow. EDIT: I'm watching this again, because it's been so highly acclaimed in all the other anime blogs. I'll rate this again after I finish this series.
Howl's Moving CastleMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
I don't know why people like this anime....it's plot is filled with so many holes. It's just plugging along. =/ Maybe I just can't appreciate this sort of story.
Ichigo 100%SeriesComplete12/125[info] [notes]
Average animation and the sound effects annoy me. Also, Junpei's voice is a bit annoying too. =/ The anime follows close to the manga, so nothing surprises me in the plot. The OVA was much better in terms of animation.
Ichigo MashimaroSeriesComplete12/128[info] [notes]
VERY Kawaii. xD Supposed to be plotless with no drama or "action", just cute little girls doing cute things. ^_^
Jigoku ShoujoSeriesComplete26/267[info] [notes]
Wow...this is an anime for people to vent their anger on the world. It's like an outlet for people to see evil get justice served to them.
Jigoku Shoujo FutakomoriSeriesWatching3/267[info] [notes]
Yay! more Enma Ai!
Kage Kara Mamoru!SeriesAbandoned4/126[info] [notes]
It was a generic ninja saving neigbor anime. It's a comedy harem anime, but it was sort of cheesy. The main guy is super cool though. =)
KanonSeriesComplete13/136[info] [notes]
Sorta cutish like AIR was, but definitely not as HQ as that other anime. It's a so so romance/supernatural/harem anime, but I felt it went too fast and things didn't make too much sense. =/
Kanon (2006)SeriesComplete24/2410[info] [notes]
Oh my...this remake is soo much better than the last Kanon. It was superbly done, with awesome animation and a good storytelling. It was a beautiful story.
KarinSeriesAbandoned1/245[info] [notes]
Somehow, I don't really like this anime. There were alot of novel scene changes, and the storytelling style is different. Animation quality isn't bad, but I don't think I'll be watching this because there are so many other good anime out.
Keroro GunsouSeriesOn Hold8/1419[info] [notes]
Very fast paced comedy. I read the manga first and wanted to try this out. I LOVE IT. No wonder I heard that Keroro Gunsou is quickly becoming a hot anime in Japan.
Kiddy GradeSeriesComplete24/248[info] [notes]
Very good animation and soundtrack. About two girls as top secret agents for a interplanetary agency. At first, I thought the first few episodes were filler type episodes, but it all started to make sense later. Did I mention I love the art? xD But then, for 5 or so episodes, another team of artists animated it so in those episodes, you can tell its different. Pretty much all the characters are cool looking, pretty, or cute. ^_^ Recommended for ages 16 and up (the Japanese standard =P), and not really suited for kids at some parts. ^^;; Nudity at one episode, which was a rather unpleasant surprise. =/ WHY CAN'T THEY NOT DRAW THAT? >=O *sigh* I can't talk more about this anime without ruining it. ^^;;
Lucky ☆ StarSeriesWatching2/?7[info] [notes]
so moe! XD Cute 4koma anime.
MADLAXSeriesOn Hold1/265[info] [notes]
Madlax's gunslinging skills are pure ownage. o_O The anime reminds me a lot of .hack//Sign's art and music, maybe because they are from the same company and music composer. =P I heard this is an anime with a lot of mystery in it, so I'll see how this turns out.
Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~SeriesComplete26/2610[info] [notes]
Very cute art. ^_^ And the little pic on the left can't capture the kawaii-ness of the main character. ^_^ I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mahoraba. Somehow it had just the right amount of comedy and cuteness that I couldn't have enough of. The animation was good and sharp, and the every character had an interesting personality. =)
Mahou Sensei NegimaSeriesComplete26/265[info] [notes]
Less fanservice than the manga but with basically the same storyline. It's just getting interesting after episode 8. ^_^ Lots of kawaii girls and magic. Fun for me to watch. =) Animation is a bit simple but sufficient for a comedy anime. The animation is supposed to be getting better ever since episode 14. But even so, the animation level was sucky. The ending is totaly different from the manga, and is a big shocker, but it doesn't make perfect sense if you really think about it. =/
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical NanohaSeriesComplete13/137[info] [notes]
A typical mahou shojo(Magical girl)anime. o_O Cute girl comes across a yellow animal and gets magic powers to seal monsters. o_O I wonder where I heard that from before? ;) Well, I like this one too, like CCS, since it has really good character designs and the girl is cute. =P Well, not just the main char, but the other mages are cool too. xD Fayt-chan is soo cool. xD It ended nicely too. =) Great OP with a good soundtrack to go with usually good animation.
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A'sSeriesComplete13/13S[info] [notes]
Awesome. The OP is the best and the ED is great too. The animation quality is still top notch and there is a lot of fighting now. ^____^ SWEET. Now it just oozes the cuteness and coolness factors. =D Great storyline, and the fights were great. Kawaii and cool. xD AWESOME ANIME! A shonen anime disguised as a mahou shoujo. XD
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerSSeriesWatching3/268[info] [notes]
Will comment later
Mai-HiMESeriesComplete26/2610[info] [notes]
I was sad when this anime ended. It was so good! ^_^ The animation was pretty good and so was the plot and sound effects/soundtrack. There weren't many filler episodes that I can remember either. Also, the ending was better than others that I've been watching. Girls with cool weaponry, cool fight scenes, and mecha....what more can you want? Only thing that I didn't like was that the guys were useless in the anime, but it didn't affect my rating. It probably would have gotten a 10, but I think I just don't want to give a 10 so easily....heh =P
Mai-OtomeSeriesComplete26/267[info] [notes]
Not too bad, definitely different from MH but has alot of similarities. I tried not to watch it with any expectations from MH, but it's kind of hard to do. It was pretty fast paced in the beginning, but not as deep as MH. It came apart later on in the season though, and soon things just got stupid. The last 2 eps were crazy rushed and was overly cheesy. =/
MÄRSeriesAbandoned6/1026[info] [notes]
First episode follows closely with the manga, but the animation is pretty good. The OST and the OP and ED are pretty bad though. =/ It wasn't interesting enough to keep watching.
MonsterSeriesComplete74/7410[info] [notes]
Wow...this anime is INTENSE. This isn't an anime for comedy, or fantasy, but it's a good suspense story revolving around a search for a killer. The plot is pretty complex as of now, and I couldn't wait to see how the story will progress down the line. The designs are plain-ish, but they do well for the guys designs. Watch this for a good story. =)
Nagasarete AirantouSeriesWatching2/267[info] [notes]
A light hearted comedy. I didn't feel like watching another harem anime, but I was bored and picked this up. ^^;;
NarutoSeriesAbandoned20/?6[info] [notes]
I read the manga, so I'm not too interested in the anime. But I'm starting to watch it now from episode 126. Somehow it feels like the episodes are very slow though. =/ Manga is better....hehe I currently stopped watching Naruto at ep 142, because it's getting boring and not worth my time. =P
Negima?SeriesWatching2/267[info] [notes]
An alternate universe of the Mahou Sensei Negima universe. I heard it was much better, and the first ep was pretty nice. I'll watch this later.
Neon Genesis EvangelionSeriesComplete26/267[info] [notes]
Things don't get explained for a long time until near the end of the anime. However, the last 2 eps sucked, and I have to still watch the movie to make a final conclusion to the series. Overal though, the 26 ep series was alright, maybe I just had too high an expectation of it to begin with. I just don't see what makes this so popular. o_O
Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of EvangelionMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
Uncomfortable nudity for many scenes. >_> The movie gave a closure to the series that the last 2 eps of the TV series didn't seem to give. Lots of religious connotations and it tries to make you think whenever you aren't distracted by the naked girls >_>
NoirSeriesAbandoned3/265[info] [notes]
A boring first episode. =/ I was hoping that I would enjoy the soundtrack to this, but it's hard to just watch an anime for the soundtrack. ^^;; I wonder if I'll ever finish this and MADLAX. Update: Starting to watch this with bros, its actually not too bad.
One PieceSeriesAbandoned2/?7[info] [notes]
Well, it's alright. I don't like the animation too much, but I heard it grows on you. I love the manga anyways, so I don't feel like watching all 240 to catch up....=P
Ouran High School Host ClubSeriesComplete26/2610[info] [notes]
Pretty funny show. At first I thought it was yaoi, but it wasn't and it's actually pretty good shoujo style anime. =) It's animated by BONES, the studio that did FMA, and the level of production is pretty good. =) It's an awesome anime. =)
Pani Poni Dash!SeriesComplete26/268[info] [notes]
WOW....this is THE most insane anime I've ever watched. So many puns/cameos/references in this anime. I seem to have to press "pause" like 100 times in the anime to read all the translator notes. O_O I guess it can get annoying, but the comedy factor in the anime keeps me hooked. Becky is great. I love cute child geniuses. ^__^ OMEGA KAWAII!
PokemonSeriesAbandoned300/?6[info] [notes]
At first it was good, but then it started getting repetitive and stupid. The only redeeming factors are the gym battles. Team Rocket really gets on your nerves after a while. Some of the movies that came out weren't bad though.
Rockman.exeSeriesAbandoned40/567[info] [notes]
Pretty good, too bad I wasn't able to watch too many of them on Saturdays. =/
Rockman.exe AxessSeriesAbandoned23/517[info] [notes]
Subbed second season Megaman NT Warrior. Enjoyable with good animation.
Romeo X JulietSeriesWatching2/?7[info] [notes]
I have never read the story, but this anime is telling a pretty good story so far.
Rozen MaidenSeriesComplete12/128[info] [notes]
At first from the OP, I thought this would be some scary horror anime or something. But as I watched more, I started to like the characters better and realized my assumption was incorrect. Shinku gets cuter as the anime progresses. ^_^ But yeah, this has the scariest OP and anime opening that I have ever seen. o_O
Rozen Maiden OuvertüreOVAComplete2/28[info] [notes]
More Shinku and Suigintou!
Rozen Maiden TräumendSeriesComplete12/128[info] [notes]
Much more serious than the first season of RM. Animation quality is top-notch, and the OP/ED have a place in my heart now. More drama between the characters, but the usual RM comedy is still sprinkled in perfectly. Great anime. =)
Rurouni KenshinSeriesAbandoned1/957[info] [notes]
Don't have much time to watch the anime. Maybe some other time. The few that I watched were pretty good though.
Samurai ChamplooSeriesComplete26/268[info] [notes]
The art is simple yet detailed, and it seems like a serious anime. But as I watch more, I realize they have comedy and depth working well together. It shows the hardships that people in old Japan had to face like debt, gambling, gangs, etc. The main chars are pretty cool and a good combination together. One's quiet and reserved while the other guy is loud and active. Definitely a good anime to watch, but beware because this is definitely a more mature title.
School RumbleSeriesComplete26/26S[info] [notes]
I found this anime quite funny and it goes at a good pace. The girls are cute and the love story is hilarious. I'm watched this with my brothers and we liked it quite a lot. A very good anime.
School Rumble 2SeriesComplete26/26S[info] [notes]
It was another awesome season of School Rumble. =)
Shakugan no ShanaSeriesComplete24/249[info] [notes]
One of the top animes for fall 05. I love the OP and ED songs, and the animation quality is great throughout. It has an interesting story that's keeping me hooked. Cute girls with swords rock. ^__^ Shana has my
Shinigami no BalladSeriesAbandoned1/66[info] [notes]
Short sad stories about a cute deathgod and the lives of her victims.
Spirited AwayMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
Same with Howl's Moving Castle, I can't understand how to enjoy this movie. I was disappointed again after hearing so much about it, yet it felt so random and loosely thrown together.
The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaSeriesComplete14/149[info] [notes]
The anime that is took the blogging world by storm. O_O Haruhi is pretty crazy and blunt, but thats what makes the show interesting. It was well animated and the ED sequence is insanely famous now. It was a pretty good show overall. =)
Tsubasa ChronicleSeriesAbandoned17/526[info] [notes]
The animation and sound effects aren't too bad. The anime follows the manga a bit loosely, so I'm wondering what they'll do in the later episodes. I liked the manga and it seems like I like the anime just as much. The gripe I have about this anime is because it's goes pretty slow. =/ Thats the reason why I stopped watching it.
xxxHolicSeriesAbandoned3/246[info] [notes]
The art quality isn't too high and the storyline doesn't feel right. And Yuuko seems more annoying and weaker. =/ Not as good as the movie or manga. =/
Yu-Gi-OhSeriesAbandoned150/2357[info] [notes]
Good animation with interesting duels. Dubbed took a lot of the blood and gore out to make it kid friendly though...
Zeta GundamSeriesAbandoned1/505[info] [notes]
I heard this was a good Gundam anime, so I downloaded this to watch. It's older than I am though, and the quality of art + soundtrack reflect that. =/ Hopefully the plot will make up for it.
Zettai ShonenSeriesAbandoned1/264[info] [notes]
I didn't like the style of art, plus the first episode was SOOOO long and boring. o_O I don't think I'm going to watch this. =/ I just wanted to add this to my list because I did suffer through the first episode and I get to have a "z" in my anime list XD.