TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
.hack//Legend of the Twilight BraceletSeriesComplete12/128 [notes]
It was cute and the scenery was prettier than .hack//sign. I enjoyed it alot more than Sign too.
.hack//RootsSeriesOn Hold2/266
.hack//SignSeriesComplete26/266 [notes]
I was so confused and frusterated I wanted to throw something at the screen. However, the music and art is nice I have to admit.
Ah My Goddess! SeriesComplete25/257
Ah My Goddess! 2SeriesAbandoned5/245 [notes]
This is a terrible remake of the old series. The old series was so cute, but the new series stretched the storyline out and added stuff.
Ai Yori AoshiSeriesComplete24/247
Ai Yori Aoshi EnishiSeriesComplete13/137 [notes]
I wish they would make another season of this. I want to see the couple wrap up their loose ends.
AIRSeriesComplete12/1210 [notes]
This had such beautiful art and the storyline was great too!
Air GearSeriesAbandoned4/255
AIR MovieMovieComplete1/17 [notes]
Watch the series, its so much more worth it
AIR Summer SpecialOVAComplete2/210+
Aishiteruze BabySeriesComplete26/267
Angelic LayerSeriesAbandoned7/266
Animal YokochoSeriesOn Hold26/518 [notes]
For a series that has a little preschool/kindergarten girl as the main character, it really doesn't seem so innocent!
ARIA the ANIMATIONSeriesTo See0/13n/a
ARIA the NATURALSeriesTo See0/26n/a
Asatte no HoukouSeriesComplete12/127
Ayakashi Japanese Classic HorrorSeriesAbandoned5/117
Azumanga DaiohSeriesComplete26/268
BartenderSeriesAbandoned2/11n/a [notes]
It teaches you how to mix drinks! Other than that, it really didn't catch my attention.
BECKSeriesAbandoned3/267 [notes]
Switched to manga
BeserkSeriesAbandoned1/253 [notes]
Its so horible, I laughed thru most of the first episode.
Black CatSeriesComplete23/239
Black LagoonSeriesComplete12/127 [notes]
There's alot of stuff in this anime, mafia, guns, nuns that sell guns, shooting, guns..... The first half is better than the second half.
Black Lagoon: Second BarrageSeriesComplete13/136
Blood+SeriesComplete50/506 [notes]
The action was good, the story ok, but the characters and plot drove me mad sometimes because things didn't turn out like I wanted it to.
Blue DragonSeriesOn Hold2/51n/a [notes]
This anime looks like its from Akira Toriyama. Its based off a video game called (what do you know) Blue Dragon. It looks a little childish, but I'll pick it up later I guess.
Blue GenderSeriesComplete26/264 [notes]
Bokura no ItaSeriesComplete26/267 [notes]
This series was very cute. But as a typical shoujo anime, made me angry throughout the whole thing and the ending was so vague. I got really angry.
BokuranoSeriesOn Hold4/?n/a [notes]
Its kind of too sad and serious. But its not bad at all, watch it!
Boys beSeriesAbandoned3/134 [notes]
Boys in love. Need I say more?
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 SeriesComplete26/265
Busou RenkinSeriesAbandoned1/26n/a
Byousoku 5 CentimetersMovieComplete1/18 [notes]
The story is a pretty simple love story, but this movie has the BEST art EVER! I've never seen such a detailed movie before. oh and its depressing. Yay!
Card Captor SakuraSeriesOn Hold16/706
Castle in the SkyMovieComplete1/17
Cat's EyeSeriesAbandoned9/735
Chrno CrusadeSeriesComplete24/248
ClannadSeriesTo See0/?n/a
Cluster EdgeSeriesAbandoned5/244 [notes]
Somehow when a bunch of pretty guys get together in an all boy's school, the interactions seem a bit... err... inappropiate. (It could be just manly friendships though)
Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionSeriesComplete23/23S+ [notes]
This must have the greatest storyline ever! Not only is it good, every episode ends in a cliffhanger. Its a hate love relationship.
Comic PartySeriesOn Hold2/13n/a
Cowboy BebopSeriesComplete26/268
Coyote Ragtime ShowSeriesAbandoned5/125
Cutey Honey: ReOVAComplete3/310 [notes]
Very random, and the art is random too. Its quite ecchi, which is strange because the art style is so cartoonish and unrealistic. Overall it was a really funny series. I liked the little, smiling, humping policemen.
D. GraymanSeriesOn Hold15/?7
Darker than BlackSeriesComplete25/258
DearSSeriesOn Hold6/12n/a
Death NoteSeriesAbandoned7/?8
Digi CharatSeriesComplete16/16S [notes]
Completely random. The art is also very badly done on purpose. However, its one of the funniest, random anime ever!
Digi Charat Christmas specialMovieComplete1/17
Digi Charat Natsuyasumi SpecialOVAComplete4/48
Digi Charat Summer specialOVAComplete4/49
Digi Charat Winter GardenOVAComplete2/27
DN AngelSeriesAbandoned9/266
DNA^2OVAComplete12/126 [notes]
This was one of the first anime I've ever watched. I forgot it completely 'cept that there was a guy with really funky bad hair that had a "playboy gene" and some girl from the future. I can't even remember if I liked it...
Dragonaut: The ResonanceSeriesWatching7/?8 [notes]
THe boobs scare me a bit.
ef: A fairy tale of memoriesSeriesWatching2/11n/a
Elfen LiedSeriesComplete12/128 [notes]
BLoody!!! But Good!!
Erementar GeradSeriesAbandoned4/115 [notes]
It pained me to see such a potentially good anime go to waste
EscaflowneSeriesComplete26/266 [notes]
The art style took alot of getting used to. I just found the upturned noses very distracting. Otherwise the storyline isn't bad.
Eureka sevenSeriesComplete50/507 [notes]
This anime was good for the first 2/3. However, towards the end the main characters got annoying. It's a bad sign in an anime when you start to cheer for the evil side...
Excel SagaSeriesAbandoned6/26n/a [notes]
I like random anime, but this one was random, weird and not funny.I don't like it.
Fate/Stay NightSeriesComplete24/247
Fruits BasketSeriesComplete26/2610+ [notes]
Everyone knows this series! I think the next few months everytime I saw an anime character hug another character, subconsciously, I'd wonder why they didn't turn into animals.
Full Metal AlchemistSeriesOn Hold26/518
Full Metal Panic!SeriesComplete24/248
Full Metal Panic! The Second RaidSeriesComplete13/138
Full Metal Panic? FumoffuSeriesComplete12/12S+ [notes]
Guns go boom.. haha
Full Moon wo SagashiteSeriesComplete52/527
Fushigi YuugiSeriesComplete52/527
Fushigi Yuugi OVAOVAComplete9/96
Galaxy AngelSeriesComplete26/269
Galaxy Angel Season 2SeriesComplete19/198
Galaxy Angel Season 3SeriesTo See0/52n/a
Galaxy Angel Season 4SeriesTo See0/26n/a
Genshiken OVAOVAComplete3/37
Ghost HuntSeriesComplete25/258 [notes]
It was pretty good! Its typical scary supernatural stuff. I got chills watching some parts of it. (probably the reason why I liked it was because I liked all the characters)
Girl's BravoSeriesAbandoned3/114 [notes]
bouncy boobs? NO I REFUSE TO WATCH.
Goku Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiSeriesWatching1/?n/a
GTOSeriesComplete42/429 [notes]
Somehow, its really amusing watching an ex-gang leader teach high school students in such an unorthodox manner (like calling his old gang buddies to beat up his students)
Gundam 00SeriesWatching4/?n/a
Gundam SeedSeriesComplete50/50S [notes]
Gundam seed must be one of my all time favorite anime. The storyline is great, the art is great, and it kept my interest going even after the series ended. Too bad they decided to make a sequel and ruin this series.
Gundam Seed DestinySeriesComplete51/516 [notes]
Why must the sequel to such a good anime suck so much? I wanted one character to die, but he didn't die. I was very upset
Gundam Seed StargazerSeriesComplete3/37
Gundam WingSeriesComplete49/495 [notes]
I hated almost all the characters. Don't ask me why I tortured myself sitting through the 49 episodes.
Gunslinger GirlsSeriesAbandoned3/13n/a [notes]
Too depressing... couldn't watch it
Haibane RenmeiSeriesComplete13/138 [notes]
Its a series that makes you think. The art is great and watching this anime gives you a calm, peaceful feeling.
Hana Yori DangoSeriesAbandoned6/516
Hatenkou YuugiSeriesComplete10/105 [notes]
I was pretty disappointed since the manga was so much better. Hotter guys, more humor, more of a story.
Haunted JunctionSeriesOn Hold5/147
Hayate no GotokuSeriesWatching7/?8
He is my MasterSeriesAbandoned1/12n/a
Heroic AgeSeriesComplete26/266 [notes]
Eh... it started out really good. Lost its plot somewhere in the middle. Its a shame because it could have been a lot better. The characters and concept are interesting. Too bad they couldn't develop much of anything.
Higurashi no Naku Koro niSeriesComplete26/268 [notes]
It was a little scary... and disturbing... and I wanted to hide my head under my covers while watching this
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni kaiSeriesWatching4/118
Hikari no GoSeriesComplete75/755 [notes]
I wonder why I watched the whole thing...it was kinda boring. Watching the world of Go is not very entertaining.
Honey and CloverSeriesComplete26/26S+ [notes]
My favorite anime of all time. ITS SO GOOD! SO EMOTIONAL! Its just really good.. so check it out
Honey and Clover IISeriesComplete13/13S+ [notes]
The second season to my favorite anime of all time!
Howl's Moving CastleMovieComplete1/19
Hunter x HunterSeriesAbandoned21/627
I My Me! Strawberry EggSeriesComplete13/136
Ichigo 100%SeriesComplete12/125
Interstella 5555SeriesComplete4/46 [notes]
Its all songs with no dialogue and only some sound effects.... the story is a little strange and cheesy
InuyashaSeriesComplete167/1676 [notes]
well.. it was one of the first anime I watched, so it holds a special place in my heart (as cheesy as that sounds)
Jigoku ShoujoSeriesComplete26/266
Jigoku Shoujo FutakomoriSeriesAbandoned2/12n/a
Jyu oh SeiSeriesComplete11/115 [notes]
Why did I even watch this? It started out interesting... like a Sci-fi anime, and then somehow in the middle of the series it turned into a bad shoujo anime. Since there were only 11 episodes, each episode seemed like it was rushed and none of the characters were developed well. (not to mention the ending was like crap)
Kaleido StarSeriesTo See0/51n/a [notes]
Since Jamesy likes it so much, I want to see it
Kamichama KarinSeriesOn Hold2/?n/a
Kamikaze Kaitou JeanneSeriesAbandoned6/446
Kamisama KazokuSeriesComplete13/138
Kanon 2006SeriesWatching13/249
Kare KanoSeriesComplete26/268
KarinSeriesComplete24/247 [notes]
Blood and boobs... I like blood, I don't know about the boobs
KekkaishiSeriesAbandoned1/23n/a [notes]
I read part of the manga, and it didn't interest me. The anime of course, didn't interest me either.
Keroro GunsouSeriesAbandoned6/?n/a [notes]
Too many episodes @.@
Kiddy GradeSeriesOn Hold7/247
Kiki's Delivery ServiceMovieComplete1/16
Kimi Ga Nozomu EienSeriesComplete13/133
Kimikiss pure rougeSeriesAbandoned9/?n/a [notes]
got tired of annoying girl relationships.
King of Bandit JingSeriesComplete13/134
Kino's JourneySeriesComplete13/136 [notes]
It has a good concept, but a little too out of this world and dull for me.
Koi KazeSeriesAbandoned1/133 [notes]
I didn't realize it was incest....
LamuneSeriesAbandoned2/137 [notes]
I should pick this up again if I find someone with the episodes
Lost UniverseSeriesAbandoned4/267 [notes]
I can't find this anymore, or else I would have finished it
Love HinaSeriesComplete25/259
Love Hina Christmas SpecialOVAComplete1/19
Love Hina OVAOVAComplete3/310
Love Hina Spring SpecialOVAComplete1/19
Lovely ComplexSeriesComplete24/248 [notes]
Cute. I've never seen an anime where all the characters spoke in an okinawan dialect.
Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro MovieComplete1/110+
Macross FrontierSeriesWatching5/?n/a
Magic Knight Rayearth OVAOVAComplete3/35 [notes]
How compressed and sucky storyline. Its absolutely nothing like the original story.... not that I liked the original story much, but I still liked the relationship parts. GO MANGA! (however, the art is pretty nice I have to admit)
Mahou Sensei NegimaSeriesAbandoned2/267
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A'sSeriesComplete13/137 [notes]
I watched this series without watching the first season. I was a little bitty bit confused >.< I figured it out though! ^.^
Makai Senki DisgaeaSeriesAbandoned3/126
Midori no HibiSeriesComplete13/138
Mononoke HimeMovieComplete1/19
MushishiSeriesComplete26/269 [notes]
This series gives you a peaceful traditional Japanese feel to it. The art is also very pretty (very pretty). Each episode deals with the Mushishi coming to people and helping them with supernatural beings. Its pretty awesome.
My Neighbor TotoroMovieComplete1/110
Nadesico MovieMovieComplete1/16
NanaSeriesAbandoned26/477 [notes]
Too... much... drama....
NarutaruSeriesComplete13/132 [notes]
It seems so innocent, but its not. Its so vague and confusing and disturbing. By the end of the series I still didn't know what it was about. NOT TO MENTION I'm forever traumatized
NarutoSeriesAbandoned157/2306 [notes]
I don't mind naruto, I really don't. I just hate the NARUTARDS...
Naruto Movie 1MovieComplete1/16
Naruto Movie 2MovieComplete1/16
Naruto ShippudenSeriesAbandoned33/?7
Natsume YuujinchouSeriesComplete13/138
Negima!?SeriesOn Hold5/268
Neko no OngaeshiMovieComplete1/17 [notes]
English Title: The Cat Returns. It was a good movie. However, I think the movie hinted that the girl started liking the cat, and that disturbed me a bit.
Neon Genesis EvangelionSeriesComplete26/265 [notes]
The suckiest ending I have ever seen...
Nodame CantabileSeriesComplete23/2310+ [notes]
I highly recommend the drama to anyone!! I think its way better than the anime, so check out both! This anime is about classical music (trust me, its better than you think)
NoeinSeriesComplete24/24S [notes]
The character designs are a little weird, but I really love it. I don't understand half their scientific explanations. Oh well its still great!
Ocean WavesMovieComplete1/13 [notes]
Am really low budget movie...
One PieceSeriesAbandoned46/?7 [notes]
Goodness, its long... I switched to manga. the anime is also not as good as the manga.
One Piece Movie: Clockwork IslandMovieComplete1/16
Onegai SenseiSeriesAbandoned4/137
Onegai TwinsSeriesComplete13/138
Ouran High School Host ClubSeriesComplete26/26S+ [notes]
LOOOOOVE IIIT!!!!! The art is beautiful, and its hilarious!
Outlaw StarSeriesOn Hold1/26n/a
Pani Poni DashSeriesAbandoned3/267 [notes]
I might pick up on this again if I can find the series.
PaprikaMovieTo See0/1n/a
Paradise KissSeriesComplete12/125 [notes]
Her bangs... her bangs... so ugly... (plus, the characters scared me and annoyed me alot)
Pita TenSeriesAbandoned3/265 [notes]
Love the manga. But the anime is so cute I wanted to throw up. The anime was also too kiddish and not as dark as the manga
PopotanSeriesComplete12/127 [notes]
It was pretty good. If only there weren't boobs popping out at me every few minutes.
Pumpkin ScissorsSeriesAbandoned1/24n/a
RahxephonSeriesComplete26/266 [notes]
It made sense, I think.... I really couldn't figure out what was happening until the last episode. Actually, the last 3 minutes of the last episode >.< Come to think of it, I still don't get what was happening.
Ranma 1/2SeriesAbandoned40/1617 [notes]
I heard that after season 2 the storyline wasn't as good, so I stopped.
Ranma 1/2: Nihao My ConcubineMovieComplete1/17
ROD (Read or Die)SeriesOn Hold2/26n/a
Romeo x JulietSeriesComplete24/2410 [notes]
It's very unrealistic, but so cute somehow!
Rozen MaidenSeriesComplete12/127
Rozen Maiden TraumendSeriesComplete12/127
Rurouni KenshinSeriesComplete95/957 [notes]
long... @.@
SaikanoSeriesAbandoned1/13n/a [notes]
too... depressing...
Saint BeastSeriesComplete6/63 [notes]
Wow.. this anime was so bad
Samurai ChamplooSeriesComplete26/2610
Samurai Deeper KyoSeriesComplete26/266
Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiSeriesComplete12/12S [notes]
Its pretty messed up, but I love it anyway. This series is probably the best one this summer season.
School RumbleSeriesComplete26/26S
School Rumble Ni GakkiSeriesComplete26/26S
School Rumble OVAOVAComplete2/2S
Scrapped PrincessSeriesComplete24/247 [notes]
I watched this because Papaya said it was good. And it was kinda. Gomene~!
Shakugan no ShanaSeriesOn Hold12/247
SlayersSeriesComplete26/2610+ [notes]
Its old, but really really good and funny. Bombs, explosions, food, swords and magic! It get serious too. Actually, watch all 3 seasons of it! You won't regret it!
Slayers NextSeriesComplete26/2610+
Slayers TrySeriesComplete26/2610
Spirited AwayMovieComplete1/17 [notes]
I'm not really sure why so many people liked this movie. It was okaay I guess.
Suzumiya Haruhi no YuutsuSeriesComplete14/1410 [notes]
I don't know why this series is as popular as it is. I liked it, but I think I appreciated it much more after I read the novels.
Tales of PhantasiaOVAWatching1/4n/a
Tales of SymphoniaSeriesWatching1/4n/a [notes]
This OVA is based on the game, however its quite different. Each episode is released every month from June, so it'll be a while.
Tenchi Muyo! OVAOVAComplete13/137
Tenchi UniverseSeriesComplete26/268
Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannSeriesOn Hold3/?6 [notes]
The art style and the main characters' personalities were too extreme.
The ThirdSeriesComplete24/248 [notes]
I really like this anime. Somehow the story seemed a bit off. Maybe its because the narrator really pissed me off for most of the series.
Toki wo Kakeru ShoujoMovieComplete1/1S+ [notes]
This must be the best anime movie I've seen. The art, the storyline, the music and timing of the each moment are just great. However, there are some open ended questions, but it doesn't effect the greatness of this movie.
Trinity BloodSeriesAbandoned5/245
Tsubasa ChroniclesSeriesComplete52/527 [notes]
I like the storyline, but I wish they would focus more on that rather than people staring at each other... *stare* The second season is much better than the first. So if you suffer thru the first season, I think you'd like the second season way more.
Tsubasa Chronicles: The Princess of the Country of the Bird CagesMovieComplete1/19 [notes]
VERy pretty art and good soundtrack. I like how it overlaps with the xxxholic movie : A midsummer nights dream
Ultra Maniac SeriesComplete26/267
UtawarerumonoSeriesAbandoned1/26n/a [notes]
The main character was ugly (his mask is ugly)and the other characters were too cute for him.
VandreadSeriesComplete13/137 [notes]
I found the plot of this anime hilarious. I can't tell you too much about it, but it's worth checking out.
Vandread 2SeriesComplete13/136
Weiss KreuzSeriesComplete26/266 [notes]
Don't ask me what this series is about because I don't remember a thing. Something about 4 pretty fighting guys and psychics. Oh yea! There was a girl who fought with an umbrella!
Weiss Kreuz GluhenSeriesComplete13/136
Welcome to NHK!SeriesComplete24/249 [notes]
Its really good! This series is about a guy who is afraid to leave his room; then he meets a mysterious girl who wants to help him. It kind of describes some of the Japanese subcultures (like Otakus), so its a little sad and depressing sometimes...Yet hilarious! ps: the art is very good!
X 1999SeriesComplete24/246 [notes]
The whole series is very dark and there are so many characters to keep track of. It also confused me alot.
xxxHolicSeriesComplete24/248 [notes]
Why is the art style so weird?!!?
xxxHolic: Midsummer's Night DreamMovieComplete1/110 [notes]
The art was pretty, the music was really good! However, as you know how xxxholic is, I got so confused in the middle of the movie and was confused for the longest time.
Yakitate Japan!SeriesOn Hold12/699 [notes]
Watch it just for the bread reactions! What are bread reactions you ask? Watch it and find out!
Yamato Nadeshiko ShichiHengeSeriesComplete25/258 [notes]
Scary girl, hot guys, and blood and skeletons. How much better can it get? The character designs are a little weird though, but its a hilarious series!
Yu Yu HakushoSeriesAbandoned56/1127 [notes]
The only reason why I watched it for so long was because Kurama was so pretty!!!
Yu Yu Hakusho Movie 2MovieComplete1/17 [notes]
Kurama was pretty... other than that, I can't remember what this was about.
ZegapainSeriesComplete26/266 [notes]
I kinda liked the idea that is in this anime.... but how it was carried out just bored me. The reason I didn't like this series is completely biased (I just didn't like how the characters were developed), so yea.
Zoku Natsume YuujinchouSeriesComplete13/137 [notes]
Same as the first season... not much to say.
Zoku Sayonara SenseiSeriesComplete12/12n/a
Zombie-LoanSeriesComplete11/116 [notes]
My goodness.... what a disorganized anime. They introduced characters in the opening and ending theme, and somehow ran out of time and ended up not introducing them at all. There wasn't much of a climax either. The whole series ended in an open, unsatisfying manner. I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!