TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
ジブリがいっぱいSPECIAL ショートショートOVAComplete22/22n/a[info] [notes]
I'm not really sure how to classify this one!
A Little Snow Fairy SugarSeriesComplete26/268[info] [blog] [notes]
I'm sure going to miss those little critters.
Angelic LayerSeriesComplete26/266[info]
Azumanga DaiohSeriesComplete26/268[info]
Azumanga DaiohMangaComplete4/48[info]
Bottle FairySeriesComplete12/126 [blog]
Cardcaptor SakuraSeriesComplete70/707[info]
Cardcaptor SakuraMangaComplete6/6n/a[info]
Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the ClowMangaComplete6/6n/a[info]
Cardcaptor Sakura: The MovieMovieComplete1/16[info] [notes]
Literally painful to watch dubbed. Will never watch dubbed again.
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed CardMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
The English is okay. Sakura's dub actress has the "hoe" down for sure.
Cowbop Bebop - Knockin' on Heaven's DoorMovieComplete1/1n/a[info]
Cowboy BebopSeriesComplete26/268[info]
D.N.AngelSeriesTo See0/26n/a[info] [notes]
Considering getting the manga to read as I go through the anime.
Detective ConanSeriesAbandoned200/?7[info] [notes]
Lemme' know when I can buy full-season DVD packs with English subtitles for a reasonable price, and I'll buy up every last season.
Detective Conan MoviesMovieOn Hold10/1110 [notes]
The movies have good lengths, are wonderfully paced, and create enjoyable mysteries which are fun to watch more than once.
Grave of the FirefliesMovieComplete1/1n/a[info]
Hamtaro (Series 2, 3, and 4)SeriesTo See0/?n/a
Howl's Moving CastleMovieComplete1/1n/a[info]
I My Me! Strawberry EggsSeriesComplete13/137[info]
Janggeum's DreamSeriesComplete52/529 [blog]
Jubei-chan - Secret of the Lovely EyepatchSeriesComplete13/133[info]
Kiki's Delivery ServiceMovieComplete1/1n/a[info] [notes]
Have original VHS release and widescreen VHS release, as well as on DVD. Trying to find the Streamline dub. Maybe I'll have to get the Japanese LD and an LD player...
Laputa: The Castle in the SkyMovieComplete1/1n/a[info] [notes]
Have both dubs. Like the original. Interesting with Disney's alternate music.
Love HinaSeriesComplete25/256[info]
Love Hina AgainOVAComplete25/254[info]
Love Hina Christmas MovieMovieComplete1/17[info]
Love Hina Summer MovieMovieComplete1/15[info]
Megaman Upon a StarOVAOn Hold1/3n/a[info] [notes]
I probably would drop it if I didn't pay money for it. Maybe I'll watch episode two within a year of having seen episode one?
My Neighbor TotoroMovieComplete1/1n/a[info] [notes]
Have both English dubs. Original has better voices, Disney's has better translations. Need to get original dub on DVD, so I can merge its audio with Disney's visual.
Nadia: The Motion PictureSeriesTo See0/1n/a[info]
Nadia: The Secret of Blue WaterSeriesComplete39/395[info] [notes]
The island episodes really drag the series down. Almost gave up on it just before it started getting good again.
Nausicaä of the Valley of the WindMovieComplete1/17[info]
Ocean WavesMovieTo See0/1n/a[info] [notes]
Waiting to see if Disney will pick this up before importing.
Ojamajo Doremi (Series 1)SeriesComplete51/516
Ojamajo Doremi # (Series 2)SeriesComplete49/496
Only YesterdayMovieTo See0/1n/a[info] [notes]
Waiting to see if Disney will pick this up before importing.
Petite Princess YucieSeriesComplete26/268[info] [blog] [notes]
A cute series with wonderful Japanese and English voice acting. I'm on my third watch through. This time it's English.
Porco RossoMovieComplete1/18[info]
PrétearSeriesTo See0/13n/a[info]
Princess MononokeMovieComplete1/1n/a[info]
Princess TutuSeriesComplete26/26S+ [blog]
Princess TutuMangaComplete2/2n/a[info]
Sailormoon (Anime)SeriesTo See0/200n/a[info] [notes]
I've seen most of it. I plan to watch through it all in Japanese and English sometime.
Saint TailSeriesComplete43/436[info]
Samurai ChamplooSeriesTo See0/26n/a[info]
Seven of SevenMangaComplete1/3n/a[info]
Seven of SevenSeriesComplete26/268[info] [blog] [notes]
Watched through it three times now. Next time I watch, it'll be in English.
Spirited AwayMovieComplete1/110[info]
Strawberry MarshmellowSeriesWatching1/12n/a
The Cat ReturnsMovieComplete1/1n/a[info]
The Promised Place in Our Early DaysMovieComplete1/16[info]
Voices of a Distant StarOVAComplete1/15[info]
Whisper of the HeartMovieComplete1/1n/a[info]
Witch Hunter RobinSeriesTo See0/26n/a[info]