TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
Air GearSeriesComplete25/256[info] [blog] [notes]
Read the Fricking Manga.... after the anime, cause if you read it before, you are only going to get dissapointed
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonSeriesOn Hold92/2007[info] [notes]
XD Filler kinda killed it for me....
BleachSeriesOn Hold111/?8[info] [blog] [notes]
My favourite of the Shounen Trinity. Very good action and story is quite good as well.
Busou RenkinSeriesWatching24/268[info] [blog] [notes]
From the writer of Rurouni Kenshin, it's like they are trying to see how far the comedy can go and go further. Weird at most moments but a generally good show.
Code GeassSeriesBlogging23/2510+[info] [blog] [notes]
Best pick out of Winter 2006 Season. Amazing potential, well done drama and very cool mecha fights. Plot is excellent so far.
Eureka SevenSeriesComplete50/509[info]
Eyeshield 21SeriesOn Hold49/?8[info] [blog] [notes]
Good Stuff indeed...
Fate/Stay NightSeriesComplete24/249[info] [blog] [notes]
Good series. Would have been better if they used UBW or Heaven's Feel Storyline as opposed to Fate though
Gundam SeedSeriesComplete50/508[info] [notes]
Scared to watch Destiny. Don't want to taint this excellent series.
Gundam WingSeriesComplete49/497[info] [notes]
First Gundam Series I ever saw. Pretty good imho...
Koi KazeSeriesComplete14/148[info] [notes]
I feel kinda weird at watching but the development is good if you can get past the incest theme. Very good romantic story with the forbidden angle. Possible sis-cons beware, as this will only make you worse... D:
Magical PokanSeriesComplete12/128[info]
Mahou Sensei NegimaSeriesComplete26/267[info] [blog] [notes]
Manga was so much better.... D:
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerSSeriesWatching1/?8[info] [notes]
It's got me interested from the start, that's a good sign. Gotta see more to make a better response on it. I should really see the others in the series though =P
NarutoSeriesAbandoned127/?5[info] [notes]
Nice premise but really lagged for me. I gave up during the Sound Five Arc.
One PieceSeriesOn Hold129/?9[info] [notes]
Extremely emotional with very good action. Hard to get into though.
Ranma 1/2SeriesComplete18/188[info]
Ranma 1/2 Nettou HenSeriesOn Hold17/1438[info]
School RumbleSeriesComplete26/2610+[info] [notes]
Outrageously funny. Probably my most favourite of anime.
School Rumble Ni GakkiSeriesWatching22/2610+[info] [notes]
Continues where the first left off. Still utterly hilarious. Fillers about half way through but it's the best damn filler I have ever watched. Gets very wierd somewhere in the middle...
School Rumble: Ichi Gakki HoshuuOVAComplete2/210+[info] [notes]
The hilarity continues. Made good use of the flat chapters that weren't fitted in the first season.
Seto no HanayomeSeriesBlogging1/?10[info] [blog] [notes]
One of my all time most favourite series. Insane Slapstick Humour!
Shakugan no ShanaSeriesComplete24/2410+[info] [blog] [notes]
Amazingly good, villians are sometimes creepy but it's generally a very enjoyable watch. Great characters....
TrigunSeriesOn Hold8/268[info]
Vision of EscaflowneSeriesComplete26/269[info] [notes]
First Anime I've ever seen. A classic XD