TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
AirSeriesComplete13/138[info] [notes]
Pretty. Nice OP song to boot.
Aria the AnimationSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Aria the NaturalSeriesComplete26/269[info] [notes]
Aria's feline president's antics and noises is rather uninteresting and repetitive to watch. When you can have a forest and a lawn in the same place, which is like a biological impossibility, you know you've arrived at heaven. On Mars.
Aria the OVA ~Arietta~OVAComplete1/110[info] [notes]
Consistent with the rest of the series, but if we're going to judge on an episode by episode basis, this would be one of the better ones.
Asatte no HoukouSeriesComplete12/127[info] [notes]
Nothing much happens at first, yet it remains entertaining to watch. When stuff begins to happen, it's flat and hard to watch. The irony.
Azumanga DaiohSeriesComplete26/266[info] [blog] [notes]
Wasn't too fond of how a lot of the idiosyncrasies of characters were treated as mere gimmicks, used in dry and predictable fashions. The only characters that rose above this treatment were Yomi, Yukari, and Minamo, incidentally all jaded to varying degrees. Scenes really drag when these three don't receive enough screen time or aren't present at all.
Baldr Force EXE ResolutionOVAComplete4/47[info] [notes]
Some graphic scenes, decent story-arc. Last episode was epic.
BartenderSeriesComplete11/118[info] [notes]
Modern fables served with alcohol. Pretty laidback. The female vocalist in the OP is terrible and she probably did the ED as well. Episodic in nature. Nice camera "tricks" in ep1 but their use quickly dropped off.
Black Jack: The Two Doctors of DarknessMovieComplete1/18[info] [notes]
Some characters look out of place. Solid story. Some annoying characters.
Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no GikyokuSeriesWatching7/13n/a[info]
Byousoku 5 cmMovieComplete1/1S+[info] [blog]
Clannad (TV)SeriesComplete24/248[info] [notes]
Tomoyo rules, Kotomi not so much.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionSeriesComplete25/259[info] [blog] [notes]
First OP: Good. Second ED: Good. Filler episodes: Bad. Combat mechanics: Clever. Combat: Mostly realistic. Taking the story seriously: Sometimes.
Cowboy BebopSeriesComplete26/269[info]
Cowboy Bebop: The MovieMovieComplete1/18[info] [notes]
Watched with no backstory. Well executed, decent entertainment value.
Darker than BLACKSeriesComplete25/259[info]
Dennou CoilSeriesComplete26/26S+[info]
Doujin WorkSeriesComplete12/127[info] [notes]
Progressively getting better, for what it's worth. They use one mis-understanding and ride that pony the whole episode. They also go out of their way to be cheap. Gusty, got nothing to lose attitude. I can respect that. Maybe it's a result of low expectations, but the dialog is quite good. Tsuyuri makes for a great trickster. Probably no sense in pushing past about 15 minutes per episode, but could maybe have used more episodes.
Dragonaut - The ResonanceSeriesComplete25/256[info] [notes]
A clumsy opening two-thirds, but the last bit was halfway decent. Nice soundtrack though.
ef - a tale of memoriesSeriesComplete12/129[info]
EscaflowneSeriesComplete26/26S+[info] [notes]
One of the first series I ever saw, and I marathoned it the moment I began watching. The world, the music, the story, characters with pasts, it was a journey of discovery throughout.
Escaflowne: The MovieMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
Warped character dress and personalities makes this a radical departure from the original, and not nearly as compelling.
FlagSeriesOn Hold6/13n/a[info]
FreedomOVAOn Hold2/6n/a[info] [notes]
Utada Hikaru FTW. Interesting trailer.
Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!SeriesComplete12/129[info] [notes]
Not to say that the series didn't have its moments early on, but things really picked up starting with the seventh episode. The last arc captured a bit of nostalgia from the past, although events as it would happen in the real world don't usually progress with such drama.
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte CristoSeriesComplete24/249[info]
Genshiken 2SeriesComplete12/1210[info]
Grave of the FirefliesMovieComplete1/18[info] [notes]
It's war and it's not prettied up.
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru SoraSeriesComplete6/65[info] [notes]
Powerless protagonist combined with terminally ill girl, and the real important questions are dodged until the end. Disturbing character behaviour is thrown in, and the result is neither inspiring nor tragic.
Hataraki ManSeriesComplete11/119[info] [notes]
In the same vein as Bartender, but hits a lot closer to home. The last two episodes comprised of a short arc that was really unexpected given the episodic nature throughout the series. Worth keeping if only to watch again once I'm knee-deep in the work force.
HitohiraSeriesComplete12/129[info] [blog]
Honey and CloverSeriesComplete26/267[info] [notes]
The story really dragged in the mid-section. The humour was mostly lost on me, but the issues the characters face are relevant. Hagu is hard to identify with, her situation isn't as plausible and I haven't seen anyone like her in real life (18 year-old in a 10 year-old body with a 10 year-old mentality).
Honey and Clover IISeriesComplete12/128[info] [notes]
Much tighter story, and Takemoto neatly removes himself by becoming a stronger character. This is not a negative, because it's easier to write a more compelling story when less characters have to be juggled. One of the more WTF moments when uncle confesses love for niece, and it's never clarified what kind of love. This is ultimately a bittersweet story of parting, and the ED (Split) reflects it very well.
Hunter x Hunter: Greed IslandOVAComplete8/88[info] [notes]
Plot revolves around combat, which has some interesting game mechanics. The Bomber is the best character.
Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island FinalOVAComplete14/147[info] [notes]
More of the same from Greed Island.
InterludeOVAComplete3/36[info] [notes]
This is like Zegapain with more juvenile characters and contrived treatment. Open to interpretation? Yes. Inclined to do so? Not really.
Kannazuki no MikoSeriesComplete13/13S+[info] [notes]
Points against: Lop-sided mecha fights, Souma as a third wheel, incompetent opponents, whiney Himeko. Points for: Chikane's pain, Chikane's decision, both of which culminated in Chikane's confession during the final episode, KOTOKO's 3 songs, OST, Himeko growing up. For reference, KOTOKO's epic works are Re-Sublimity (OP), Agony (ED), and Suppuration -core- (BGM), in order of increasing darkness, written with an uncanny relation to Chikane's perspective. The power in Chikane's confession stems from the realization that everything has lead up to this point, as her world crumbled around her. The OST has particular poignancy at this point, and the piano works were all-round compelling.
Kanon 2006SeriesComplete24/249[info] [notes]
Execution execution execution. Pacing, dialogue, detail, all well thought-out. Transitions between each girl was abrupt, though.
Kimi ga Nozomu EienSeriesComplete14/149[info] [notes]
I'm not going to go so far as to say it's gritty, but it has its shocking moments. The story plays out like it's a bad day, every day, not unlike real life at times. Everyone has baggage, even if it is only hinted at. Sometimes it's understandable, and in other cases weak people are just annoying.
Kodomo no Jikan OVAOVAComplete1/16 [notes]
It's kind of unfair to judge this as a standalone OVA as it's obviously more of a preview for the series proper. But anyway, points for shock value but if you can separate characters from the context of their age, it made for a boring watch.
Kyoshiro to Towa no SoraSeriesComplete12/122[info] [notes]
Even Chikane v2.0 (now with limited screentime!) can't redeem a non-existent story and Saikano-level pathetic female "lead". Nice ED though.
La Corda d'Oro ~primo passo~SeriesAbandoned6/254[info] [notes]
Beautiful OP. Initially started watching for the music, but the story was flat. Traded up for Nodame Cantabile.
Lucky StarSeriesComplete24/248[info] [notes]
Unfazed by the hype machine, this is not terrible, although the dialog is more trite than Kanon. Animation is a lot simpler (read: easier/cheaper), episodes aren't cohesive even in themselves. It's more like a gag anthology, short skits, etc. I started this, so I'm sticking with it, and one hook is my personality is like some compromise between the geeky tendencies and flippant attitude of Konata, and the cynicism of Kagami. The ED karaoke is mostly lost on me; they're before my time.
Macross Plus (OVA)OVAComplete4/410+[info] [notes]
Awesome awesome awesome combat animation, even by today's standards.
Macross ZeroOVAComplete5/510[info] [notes]
Static characters, but it's a short OVA. Awe-inspiring aerial combat.
Magical Girl Lyrical NanohaSeriesComplete13/137[info] [notes]
The fight scenes are sufficient to sustain the series. Touching ending.
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A'sSeriesComplete13/139[info] [notes]
More fighting, Signum has the most elegant weapon of the Velka Knights. More involved story is always good. Fate's battle against Signum borders on epic.
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerSSeriesComplete26/267[info]
Mai-Otome ZweiOVAComplete4/46[info] [notes]
Decent animation and art, but what the hell did I just finish? The story is totally random. Ceasing to care in 3, 2, 1...
Maria-sama ga Miteru (OAV)OVAComplete5/59[info] [notes]
Episode 3: herd mentality Episode 4: weakest episode, but there was fan-service, as far as one can call anything in this setting fan-service Episode 5: Sei + parrot = awesome
Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~SeriesComplete13/138[info]
Maria-sama ga Miteru TVSeriesComplete13/138[info] [blog]
Millennium ActressMovieComplete1/110+[info] [notes]
One well animated and executed journey. I am also a sucker for pretty piano pieces.
Minami-keSeriesComplete13/138[info] [notes]
A better than Azumanga Daioh, but the humour gets old fast when marathoning.
Moonlight Mile: Lift OffSeriesComplete12/128[info] [notes]
The hints of conspiracy and accompanying dark tones were the main draw after the first two episodes. So far the series has treaded a more episodic pacing very much like Hataraki Man, with little fables coming from the side characters. This is unexpected, and a bit confusing. Props to what looks like a pretty accurate rendition of an F-22 Raptor, but as of 2007 fighter jets have yet to be armed with close-in weapon systems.
MS Gundam 00SeriesComplete25/258[info]
MS Igloo: Apocalypse 0079OVAComplete3/37[info] [notes]
Watch for the fights, especially the last episode which is truly epic on scope. It's hard to get attached to anything else.
MS Igloo: The Hidden One Year WarOVAComplete3/38[info] [notes]
These episodes have greater immediacy, as the Zeon forces progress from victory to stalemate, to the beginnings of defeat. Episode 2 deserves special mention for intense mobile-suit versus tank combat, with real tank rounds used (shaped charges, kinetic energy penetrators).
Naruto: ShippuudenSeriesWatching54/?5[info] [notes]
Moments of cleverness not unlike Hunter x Hunter. Like Hunter x Hunter, it's not something I would start without being bugged to. Watching mostly for the "game" mechanics.
Neon Genesis EvangelionSeriesComplete26/268[info] [notes]
Interesting for its time, solid story, good OP, but I like the secondary characters better.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and RebirthMovieComplete1/18[info]
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of EvangelionMovieComplete1/18[info]
Nodame CantabileSeriesComplete23/238[info]
PlanetesSeriesComplete26/2610+[info] [blog]
Princess MononokeMovieComplete1/110[info] [notes]
Old. Epic. Quality.
Read or Die (OAV)OVAComplete3/38[info] [notes]
Excellent instrumental OP and combat music, although the combat music's theme makes appearances more or less unaltered through several pieces in the OST. The biggest draw was the clever use of Yomiko's ability, such as when she forges a crowbar and swings around a pipe. One of the greatest moments, though, was in the first episode where she creates an airplane and Nancy boldy stands up and opens fire with the scoped assault rifle.
Saikano TVSeriesComplete13/135[info] [notes]
Odd premise leads to weaponized whiney spilling her guts out to a callous prick of a protagonist. Secondary characters were the redeeming factor because they came across as stronger than the main pairing, but their screentime is limited and they're all cannon fodder anyway. Akemi had two scenes that stick out, one in which she was slapped, and a horrifyingly memorable love confession on her deathbed.
Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiSeriesComplete12/129[info]
Shakugan no Shana (movie)MovieComplete1/18[info] [notes]
If you have a target immobilized and a pistol of God, why don't you SHOOT?
Shakugan no Shana SecondSeriesComplete24/247[info]
Sky Girls TVSeriesComplete26/267[info]
Soukou no StrainSeriesComplete13/137[info] [notes]
Never really got into the story, and after a while the bodycount factor began to lose its novelty. Episode 7, filler. Nice combat music. Non-doll Emily is adorable.
Spirited AwayMovieComplete1/18[info]
Strawberry Panic!SeriesComplete26/266[info] [notes]
Kaori's arc and the ending, where the first OP song is adapted into a ceremonial piece, are the best parts of the series. Probably starting at the Kaori arc is enough to understand what's going on, because nothing goes on prior, except attempted yuri rape.
Tengen Toppa Gurren-LagannSeriesComplete27/2710+[info]
The 08th MS TeamOVAComplete12/1210+[info] [notes]
Awesome OP and ED's by Chihiro Yonekura. One of the more "realistic" fighting robot series, and also goes into the effect of war on both soldiers and civilians.
The 08th MS Team: Miller's ReportMovieComplete1/16[info] [notes]
So there is such a thing as a filler movie.
Toki wo Kakeru ShoujoMovieComplete1/1S+[info] [notes]
Eye candy combined with a cautionary tale about abusing power. Watching Konno's world fall apart due to her own time-shifting actions is compelling. Premise not-withstanding, I cannot help but be drawn in by the hyper-realistic imagery after Makoto Shinkai's own heart, as well as the "acting" of the characters.
Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~OVAComplete4/46[info] [notes]
Terrible attempt at cantonese. The bulk of the content is devoted to building up to a showdown. Combat is decent, but there's not much of it. Good OP, excellent finale ED from KOTOKO.
True TearsSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Voices of a Distant StarOVAComplete1/110+[info] [notes]
It's amazing what one PowerPC can accomplish. Dialog is sparse, necessarily so (see the cast), and doesn't detract from the artwork.
Wofl's Rain: OAVOVAComplete4/47[info] [notes]
If there were no filler, these episodes would have been slotted in for a not-so-abrupt but still unsatisfying conclusion. Toboe redeems himself, protagonist undergoes the last phases of the journey where he is on his own (literally).
Wolf's Rain TVSeriesComplete26/267[info] [notes]
Good animation, not so gripping story, and Toboe gets on my nerves. Filler is bad. WTF ending is bad. The music didn't really get my attention, except Maaya Sakamoto's Gravity.
Yokohama Kaidashi KikouOVAComplete2/27[info] [notes]
When they say nothing happens, they really mean it. Most bandwagons have some non-zero speed, even if it's only 5 cm/s. This has zero.
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou ~Quiet Country Cafe~OVAComplete2/27[info] [notes]
I may be numb to the whole slice of life genre by this point, having marathoned MariMite, Aria, and now both OVA's of YKK, but I really don't feel anything watching this franchise. I don't dislike it, but I'm not really engaged by it, either. Perhaps I need to be stressed out? But if so, I'd sooner watch Aria or Bartender or any number of other series dealing with mostly ordinary problems.
ZegapainSeriesComplete26/2610+[info] [notes]
Kaminagi's character early on was excessively cute and whiney. The fighting reused scenes so much that it was like stock footage, only since it's CG it was really easy to change the colour of enemy units. I never really felt any connection to the official protagonist. Later, Kaminagi becomes the de-facto protagonist, and grows up in a hurry. Much of the show's power is derived from her story past the second half marker. Shizuno, not Ayako Kawasumi's best role as someone claimed. Her character was present mostly to move the story forward. Little Goodbye is an excellent ED, and sums up the show well, edging out the OP slightly for that distinction, which is a little too peaceful. The ED animations changing up every few episodes also helps.
Zero no Tsukaima First SeasonSeriesComplete13/137[info] [notes]
Started out with decent comedy elements, then went downhill in the second half as prominent secondary characters dropped off only to conveniently show up to bail out the protagonists. I like the Staff of Destruction episode because the scene where it is used reminds me of a similar sequence from 08th MS Team. Also, the last episode's aerial combat was just gratuitous pwnage but damn was it satisfying in a God Mode kind of manner.
Zero no Tsukaima Second SeasonSeriesComplete12/126[info]
ZipangSeriesOn Hold23/268[info] [blog]