TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
.hack//RootsSeriesComplete26/264[info] [blog]
Afro SamuraiSeriesComplete5/50[info]
AIR in SummerOVAComplete2/210[info]
AIR MovieMovieComplete1/110[info]
Amaenaideyo!! KatsuSeriesComplete13/134[info]
Angel HeartSeriesAbandoned1/50n/a[info]
ARIA ~ARIETTA~OVAComplete1/110+[info]
ARIA the AnimationSeriesComplete13/13S+[info] [notes]
Boring. Hilarious. Beautiful. Slow. Happy. Cute. Awesome. This is definitely one of the best shows there is. It's so incredibly calm and soothing... and the cast is really well put together... every little thing about it is perfect. -3.17.07
ARIA the NaturalSeriesComplete26/26S+[info]
Azumanga DaiohSeriesComplete26/26Sc[info]
Bamboo BladeSeriesAbandoned2/?n/a[info]
BeckSeriesComplete26/2610[info] [notes]
it's essentially the journey of the hero, starting with nothing, and coming back to surpass everything. Yukio's growth was great to watch. One thing I couldn't help but dislike about this show was all the bullying and injustice, though. I don't hold it against the series-it's not like it makes BECK bad. But it's something I can't stand... I guess the anger and frustration I felt everytime Yukio was pushed around is just indication of how good the creators are at the pathetic connection. -2.17.07
Binbou Shimai MonogatariSeriesComplete10/106[info] [blog]
Black CatSeriesComplete23/237[info]
Black LagoonSeriesComplete12/128[info]
Black Lagoon: The Second BarrageSeriesComplete12/127[info]
BleachSeriesAbandoned131/?n/a[info] [blog]
Blood+SeriesComplete50/508[info] [blog]
Blue Drop: Tenchi-tachi no GikyokuSeriesAbandoned3/?n/a[info]
Blue Submarine No.6OVAComplete4/45[info]
Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo SuruOVAComplete2/28[info]
Bokura ga ItaSeriesComplete24/247[info]
Byousoku 5cmMovieComplete3/310[info] [notes]
The plot has little substance and there's no character development, but the art and animation (the 'point' as Midori would say) are both the prettiest I've ever seen. Sure, they're not flashy-awesome like Gonzo movies, but the attention to detail and realism is like Kyoto Animation with unlimited budget. A feast for the eyes. And oh my atmospherebee! -3.6.07
Candy BoyOVAComplete1/110[info]
Card Captor SakuraSeriesComplete70/7010+[info]
Chiyoko, Millenial ActressMovieComplete1/110[info]
Chocotto SisterSeriesAbandoned2/24n/a[info]
Chrno CrusadeSeriesComplete24/249[info]
Cowboy BebopSeriesOn Hold5/26n/a[info]
Coyote Ragtime ShowSeriesComplete12/124[info] [blog]
Da CapoSeriesComplete26/267[info]
Da Capo IISeriesAbandoned1/13n/a[info]
Da Capo Second SeasonSeriesComplete26/266[info]
Darker than BlackSeriesComplete25/2510[info]
Death NoteSeriesComplete37/37n/a[info] [blog]
Detective Academy QSeriesAbandoned1/45n/a[info]
Doujin WorkSeriesComplete12/12Sc[info]
Earth Girl ArjunaSeriesComplete13/13S[info]
ef - A Tale of MemoriesSeriesComplete12/129[info]
El Cazador de la BrujaSeriesAbandoned1/26n/a[info] [notes]
Hmm... I need to be more intelligent and not watch shows for the sole reason that Kajiura's doing the BGM. -4.8.07
Elemental GeladeSeriesComplete26/2610[info]
Elfen LiedSeriesComplete13/1310[info]
Elfen Lied OVAOVAComplete1/19[info]
Ergo ProxySeriesComplete23/239[info]
Excel SagaSeriesComplete26/26Sc[info]
Fate/Stay-nightSeriesComplete24/245[info] [blog]
Final Fantasy VII Last OrderOVAComplete1/17[info]
Fruits BasketSeriesOn Hold18/26Sc[info] [notes]
Girls with issues. Girly guys with issues.
Full Metal Panic!SeriesComplete24/24S[info]
Full Metal Panic! The Second RaidSeriesComplete13/1310[info]
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid OVAOVAComplete1/14[info]
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!SeriesComplete15/15Sc[info]
Fullmetal AlchemistSeriesComplete51/5110[info]
Furi KuriOVAComplete6/69[info]
Futakoi AlternativeSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Galaxy AngelSeriesComplete26/26Sc[info] [blog] [notes]
The opening is in me, and it will never leave. -3.8.07
Galaxy Angel ZSeriesComplete18/18Sc[info] [blog]
Genshiken 2007SeriesComplete12/12Sc[info]
Genshiken OVAOVAComplete3/3Sc[info]
Ghost in the Shell Movie 1MovieComplete1/15[info]
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexSeriesAbandoned2/52n/a[info]
Giniro no Kami no AgitoMovieComplete1/18[info] [notes]
Gonzo is win and god. This is honestly one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. Enough to win the movie a 10, had it had any kind of plot or power. Of course, high-quality production is a big step forward in the atmosphere department when the studio cares about such things, and, as Gonzo seems to, the movie finished with a really strong setting. Them's the breaks, I suppose.
Good Witch of the WestSeriesComplete13/137[info]
Green GreenSeriesComplete12/127[info]
Green Green OVAOVAComplete1/12[info]
Gundam 08th MS TeamOVAComplete12/1210+[info]
Gunslinger GirlSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Hanaukyo Maid TaiSeriesComplete15/153[info]
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru SoraSeriesComplete6/6S[info]
Hellsing UltimateOVAComplete3/37[info]
Higurashi no Naku Koro niSeriesComplete26/265[info] [blog]
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni KaiSeriesOn Hold23/24n/a[info]
Hikaru no GoSeriesComplete75/759[info]
Hikaru no Go: New Year SpecialOVAComplete1/19[info]
Himawari!SeriesOn Hold8/13n/a[info]
Honey & CloverSeriesComplete26/26S[info] [notes]
The flat-out weird opening sequence, the ultra-faux-loli-ness of Hagu, the weird mouth art... yeah, it was off-putting at first. I presevered because I'd been ridiculed for not having seen the show. Apparently, it's a classic. Apparently, it deserves to be such. It's pure win. It's got power, it's got comedy, it's got realism, and most of all, it has meaningful messages. Top-notch stuff. -2.11.07
Honey & Clover 2SeriesComplete12/12S+[info]
Ichigo 100%SeriesComplete12/120[info]
Ichigo MashimaroSeriesComplete12/12Sc[info]
Ichigo Mashimaro OVAOVAComplete3/3Sc[info]
IkkitousenSeriesComplete13/130[info] [notes]
There are words for how terrible this show is. Having watched all thirteen episodes, I don't believe I have the right to spout them. -3.6.07
Ikkitousen Dragon DestinySeriesComplete12/120[info]
Infinite RyviusSeriesComplete26/26S+[info]
Innocent VenusSeriesComplete13/136[info]
Iriya no Sora, UFO no NatsuOVAComplete6/69[info]
Jigoku ShoujoSeriesOn Hold1/26n/a[info]
Juuni KokkiSeriesAbandoned7/45n/a[info]
Jyu Oh SeiSeriesComplete11/119[info]
Kagihime MonogatariSeriesAbandoned3/13n/a[info]
Kannazuki no MikoSeriesComplete12/12S+[info]
Kanon 2006SeriesComplete13/139[info] [blog] [notes]
I can't say I loved this show but it deserves a better rating that the previous rendition of Kanon. Kyoto Animation is god, Key is emo, and I'm a sucker for atmosphere and execution. Good shit. -3.16.07
Kareshi Kanojo no JijouSeriesComplete26/269[info]
Kasimasi - Girl Meets GirlSeriesComplete12/124[info]
Kaze no YojimboSeriesComplete25/25n/a[info]
Kenshin - ReminiscenceOVAComplete4/410+[info]
Kiddy GradeSeriesComplete24/248[info] [notes]
Magical girls. In space. With giant spaceships. That are transformers. Amazingly enough, this show is not total crap.
Kiki's Delivery ServiceMovieComplete1/12[info]
Kimi ga Nozomu EienSeriesComplete14/14S+[info]
King of Fighters: Another DayOVAComplete4/45[info]
Kodomo no JikanSeriesComplete12/124[info]
Koi KazeSeriesComplete13/13S[info]
Koko wa GREENWOODOVAComplete6/6Sc[info]
Kokoro LibrarySeriesAbandoned2/13n/a[info]
Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku WoSeriesAbandoned2/13n/a[info] [blog]
Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii SekaiSeriesComplete12/1210+[info]
Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama?!SeriesComplete12/127[info]
Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no BashoMovieComplete1/110[info]
Kyou no Go no NiOVAComplete4/48[info] [blog]
Kyoushiro to Towa no SoraSeriesComplete12/122[info] [blog] [notes]
HOLY SHIT THIS SUCKS. Crappy animation, crappy execution, rappy plot, crappy mecha, crappy main characters, crappily depicted emotions... Definite 0, were it not for the saving graces of Chikane and Himeko, the savior priestesses of Kannazuki no Miko. There were ALMOST enough frames of them to make this watchable... -3.26.07
Laputa - Castle in the SkyMovieComplete1/19[info]
Last ExileSeriesOn Hold4/26n/a[info]
Le Chevalier d'EonSeriesAbandoned1/24n/a[info]
Love Get CHUSeriesAbandoned2/25n/a[info]
Love HinaSeriesComplete25/257[info]
Love Hina Christmas SpecialOVAComplete1/17[info]
Love Hina Spring SpecialOVAComplete1/17[info]
Lucky StarSeriesComplete24/244[info] [blog]
Lupin III - Castle of CagliostroMovieComplete1/18[info]
Mahoraba - Heartful Days-SeriesOn Hold7/26n/a[info]
Mahou Sensei NegimaSeriesComplete26/265[info]
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical NanohaSeriesComplete13/139[info]
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A'sSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerSSeriesComplete26/267[info] [blog] [notes]
Blog posts by _lolikappa, 3rd in the notdotq trio.
Mai-Otome ZweiOVAComplete4/46[info]
Maria-sama ga MiteruSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Maria-sama ga Miteru HaruSeriesComplete13/139[info]
Maria-sama ga Miteru OVAOVAComplete5/59[info]
Mayonaka TanteiSeriesComplete12/125[info]
Midori no HibiSeriesComplete13/137[info]
Mimi wo SumasebaMovieComplete1/110+[info]
Mononoke HimeMovieComplete1/110[info]
MonsterSeriesOn Hold39/74n/a[info]
My Neighbor TotoroMovieComplete1/12[info]
Myself; YourselfSeriesAbandoned4/13n/a[info]
Narutimate Hero 3 Special EpisodeOVAComplete1/13[info] [blog]
NarutoSeriesComplete220/220n/a[info] [blog]
Naruto Movie 1MovieComplete1/18[info]
Naruto Movie 2MovieComplete1/15[info]
Naruto Movie 3MovieComplete1/17[info]
Naruto ShippuudenSeriesAbandoned19/?n/a[info]
Naruto: Battle at Hidden FallsOVAComplete1/18[info]
Naruto: Find the Four-leaf CloverOVAComplete1/13[info]
Nausicaa of the Valley of the WindMovieComplete1/110[info]
Neon Genesis EvangelionSeriesComplete26/269[info]
Neon Genesis Evangelion - End of EvaMovieComplete1/19[info]
NHK ni Yokouso!SeriesComplete24/247[info] [blog]
Night Head GenesisSeriesAbandoned1/24n/a[info]
Night Wizard the AnimationSeriesAbandoned1/?n/a[info]
Otogi-Jushi AkazukinSeriesAbandoned11/39n/a[info] [blog]
Otogi-Jushi Akazukin OVAOVAOn Hold1/3n/a[info]
Otome wa Onee-sama (Boku) ni KoishiteruSeriesComplete13/136[info]
Ouran High School Host ClubSeriesComplete26/26Sc[info] [blog]
Outlaw StarSeriesOn Hold14/26n/a[info]
Paranoia AgentSeriesComplete13/138[info] [notes]
Creepy-ass show with a creepy-ass OP. And I thought Monster's OP was freaky. Anyway, "a dog shouldn't fucking be talking!!" is one of the best lines in anime (if only because this show was so retarded that it needed saying). Great story-telling, shaky premise, a lot of unhappy feelings. -3.8.07
Pia Carrot - Sayaka's Love StoryMovieComplete1/15[info]
Please! TwinsSeriesComplete12/126[info]
Please! Twins OVAOVAComplete1/15[info]
PopotanSeriesComplete12/124[info] [notes]
Mai darling indeed.
Psychic AcademySeriesComplete24/240[info]
Puni Puni PoemiOVAComplete2/2Sc[info]
R.O.D. - Read or DieOVAComplete3/310+[info]
R.O.D. - the TVSeriesComplete26/2610+[info]
Ranma 1/2SeriesOn Hold14/143n/a[info]
Requiem from the DarknessSeriesComplete13/137[info]
Revolutionary Girl UtenaSeriesComplete39/39Sc[info] [notes]
Easily the most ridiculous show I've ever seen, containing the most ridiculous two characters to grace the Anime. God, the shirtless bishies lying next to eachother on top of the wide, wide cars. Space alien! -3.13.07
Rizelmine Season 2SeriesComplete12/125[info]
Rockman.EXE AxessSeriesAbandoned7/51n/a[info]
Romeo x JulietSeriesOn Hold3/24n/a[info]
Rozen MaidenSeriesComplete12/128[info] [blog]
Rozen Maiden: OuvertureOVAComplete2/29[info] [blog]
Rozen Maiden: TraumendSeriesComplete12/128[info] [blog]
Saishuuheiki KanojoSeriesComplete13/13S+[info]
Saishuuheiki Kanojo - Another Love SongOVAComplete2/27[info]
Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiSeriesWatching11/12n/a[info]
Scrapped PrincessSeriesComplete24/2410[info] [notes]
There're quite a few series out there, all better than this, all excellent anime. But of the decent, and of those mortal shows that don't transcend my 1-10 rating scheme, well... this is the best. It's solid, it's strong, it does what it does efficiently and consistently. The best of the good, I suppose. -3.24.07
Serial Experiments LainSeriesComplete13/1310[info] [notes]
Right after finishing Paranoia Agent, I thought it couldn't get any creepier. Two days later, Lain's room began to evolve. Every scene involving Eiri was pure win; aside from that, this is one hell of an empty mindfuck. -3.12.07
Shakugan no ShanaSeriesComplete24/246[info]
Shakugan no Shana SecondSeriesAbandoned1/?n/a[info]
Shaman KingSeriesAbandoned1/64n/a[info]
Shingetsutan TsukihimeSeriesComplete12/12S[info]
Shinigami no BalladSeriesComplete6/66[info]
Shuffle! MemoriesSeriesComplete2/12n/a[info]
Shugo Chara!SeriesOn Hold6/?n/a[info]
SimounSeriesComplete26/26S[info] [blog]
Sketchbook ~full color'S~SeriesAbandoned1/?n/a[info]
SolaSeriesComplete14/148[info] [blog]
Solty ReiSeriesAbandoned6/24n/a[info]
Soul LinkSeriesComplete12/120[info]
Speed GrapherSeriesComplete24/249[info]
SpiralSeriesOn Hold15/25n/a[info]
Spirited AwayMovieComplete1/18[info]
Spring and ChaosMovieComplete1/110[info]
Starship OperatorsSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Strawberry PanicSeriesComplete26/264[info] [blog]
Suzumiya Haruhi no YuuutsuSeriesComplete14/148[info] [blog]
Takahashi Rumiko GekijouSeriesAbandoned2/13n/a[info]
Take the X TrainOVAComplete1/1n/a[info]
Tales of SymphoniaOVAWatching3/4n/a[info]
Tenchi Muyo! GXPSeriesAbandoned3/26n/a[info]
Tengen Toppa Gurren-LagannSeriesComplete27/279[info]
Tenjou TengeSeriesAbandoned4/24n/a[info]
The Third: Aoi Hitomi no ShoujoSeriesComplete24/247[info]
Tsubasa Chronicle MovieMovieComplete1/15[info]
Tsubasa Chronicle Season 1SeriesComplete26/266[info]
Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2SeriesAbandoned11/26n/a[info]
Tsukuyomi: Moon PhaseSeriesComplete26/26Sc[info] [blog]
Tsuyokiss Cool x SweetSeriesAbandoned1/12n/a[info] [blog]
Ultimate GirlsSeriesComplete12/120[info]
Uta~KataSeriesComplete12/126[info] [notes]
A coming-of-age story, it resembles Nanoha in many ways. Major differences lie in a lack of combat and a GAR factor of zero. Also, this show is as bisexual as loveless. The rating is as low as it is due to loli fanservice, and as high as it is due to some pretense of intelligence, and awesome episode titles. -2.6.07
Uta~Kata - Shotou no FutanatsuOVAComplete1/19[info] [notes]
A more or less perfect closure to a not-so-spectacular show. For what it does with the show, and for what power it contains (and holy crap, powerbee) this is quite good. -2.6.07
UtawarerumonoSeriesComplete26/267[info] [blog] [notes]
Dude loses his memory, wakes up with a mask on that can't be taken off, proceeds to make the whole world his ultra-sexy harem.
Venus Versus VirusSeriesComplete12/127[info] [blog]
Violinist of HamelinSeriesAbandoned2/25n/a[info]
Windy TalesSeriesComplete13/1310[info]
Wolf's RainSeriesComplete26/2610+[info] [notes]
Wolves assume bishounen form to confuse humans. This show is hella tight.
Wolf's Rain OVAOVAComplete4/4n/a[info] [notes]
And we find out how wolves reach paradise!
Wonderful DaysMovieComplete1/19[info] [notes]
A Korean anime movie, this surpasses all J-crap in that it's not perverted in the least. In an acid world, who cares about boobs anyway?
xxxHOLiCSeriesComplete24/248[info] [notes]
Black Mokona and sake and foxes and comedy yaoi and hot spirits ahoy! Many have gripes with this show... such as the fact that it's nowhere as leet as the manga. Well... ok. But, as an anime, it doesn't underachieve. It's hilarious at points and the (admittedly episodic) storylines have their own kind of appeal. Definitely worth a watch. -2.9.07
xxxHOLiC - Manatsu no Yoru no YumeMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
Watanuki, Doumeki, Yuuko, and Black Mokona go to the mansion of a collector. The house traps them and they become entangled in a fierce struggle. Not enough Black Mokona being awesome, and thusly nowhere as good as the TV show. It's still decent, I suppose... -2.9.07
Yami to Boushi to Hon no TabibitoSeriesComplete13/1310+[info] [notes]
Hot emo blue-haired sword wielding bishoujo travels across worlds searching for her "onee-chan"... *ahem*, lesbian love interest. Includes artistic portrayal of female masturbation for great justice. Jokes aside, the show had the most non-linear jumbled plot of any show I've ever seen... and, unlike in Faulkner's writing, it did not seem a device. On the other hand, the show has some great depiction of power, and the pain of Hatsuki's search, the ordeal of her lonely hero's quest with its empty reward... well, they earn this show quite a lot. -2.9.07
Yume TsukaiSeriesComplete12/126[info] [notes]
The manga was creepy and interesting, but the anime is just kiddie and boring. I don't recommend it because honestly, it's not so good. It's the story of two sisters who call themselves "dream users" and go around fixing other peoples' nightmares. Boring.
ZegapainSeriesComplete26/26S[info] [blog] [notes]
Possibly the best mecha show ever, this series deals with a lot of existentialist garbage that, given the producers, one might dismiss as such without bothering to investigate. Surprisingly enough, Sunrise doesn't fuck everything up, resulting in an excellently-done, make-you-think show. In fact, the question of reality is presented very well in this series-almost as well as it is in Interlude. -2.9.07
Zero no TsukaimaSeriesComplete13/133[info] [blog] [notes]
Often compared to Harry Potter or Shakugan no Shana, this is just a mediocre piece of shit that only a person as stupid as me (and with as much disgustingly free time) should watch. Some lamer gets summoned by some talentless tsundere wannabe-wizard and proceeds to pick up every chick at the magic school. Those witches are pretty easy... -2.9.07
Zero no Tsukaima 2ndSeriesComplete12/122[info]
Zombie LoanSeriesComplete11/119[info]