TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
5 Centimeters Per SecondMovieComplete1/19 [notes]
Emotionally powerful, for its short runtime. And despite suffering from some terribly cliched scenes and sappy moments, still manages to hold one's attention. It's wonderfully animated as well.
Ah! My GoddessSeriesComplete25/25Sc[info] [notes]
Funnny, fun, exciting, intriguing and enjoyable. At least, to me =)
Air (TV)SeriesAbandoned7/136[info] [notes]
Lost interest by the time it hit the second arc. Had its moments, and as many say, the atmosphere/tone of the anime was good. Just got bored with the story.
BasiliskMangaComplete5/59[info] [notes]
One of the few mangas I've read that was a real page turner. Despite the fact that every female character that appears must have her breasts exposed and that the tragic ending could be seen from two miles away, it still is wonderfully illustrated and plotted.
Black LagoonSeriesComplete12/127 [notes]
Lots of mindless action. Very entertaining as such, except that sometimes it takes itself too seriously and then it looks stupid. And its moral nihilism (especially that of Revy's) does disturb one's conscience. That is, if you have one.
Black Lagoon: The Second BarrageSeriesComplete12/128 [notes]
Retains much of the standard formula= gunfights+gunfights+gunfights. Yes, they still happen to make a somewhat entertaining anime. This time round, though, it happens to be slightly more intelligent.
ClaymoreSeriesComplete26/269[info] [notes]
Makes Rurouni Kenshin look like Naruto. Well, okay, it's not *that* great, but it is one of the more better thought out shows with, well, awesome (for lack of a better word) action. Does get repetitive towards the end, and very much holds to formula.
Code GeassSeriesComplete25/259 [notes]
Great, tense stuff. Very Death Note-ish. But still constrained by anime conventions, and its ambition is restrained by its unoriginality.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionSeriesTo See0/25n/a
Cowboy BebopSeriesComplete26/267[info] [notes]
Yes, I think its overrated, so sue me. The problem is that it is too relaxed to be interesting, (but to many, that is its exact advantage) and its sparse plot doesn't help. Wonderful ending though, if a little too quick.
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's DoorMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
Entertaining enough if a little pointless (obviously) episode of Cowboy Bebop.
Darker than BlackSeriesComplete25/2510+[info] [notes]
A slow start, but this anime is starting to turn out into one of the best I've seen. While it draws on a few familiar elements in some areas, its storyline is one of the more novel ones to have come out, and indeed, one of the most intriguing I've seen in a long time.
Death NoteSeriesComplete37/37S[info] [notes]
Intense, relentless, relentlessly intense: ranks among the best edge-of-your-seat shows out there. Still one of my favourites, despite having a few dull episodes.
Dragonaut- The ResonanceSeriesWatching1/25n/a
Elfen LiedSeriesComplete14/14S[info] [notes]
Gratuitous violence and excessive fanservice are all to its benefit; one of the most emotionally intense shows I've watched. Ever. The OVA is a slight, if a little too divergent, break from the anime's usual tone.
End of EvangelionMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
An impressive opening (which earned its rating), but it all goes downhill from there. WTF would be an accurate description of the final moments of the film. Some films are hard to interpret, in a good way (2001: A Space Odyssey, Voices of A Distant Star).The end of End of Evangelion is just plain nonsense.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
Is this even anime? Well, regardless, a movie with a non-existent story (and physics). Only watch it for its glorious CGI, which will probably be outdated in due time anyway. Nevertheless, satisfying enough to FF fanboys. Like me.
Ghost HoundSeriesTo See0/22n/a
Ghost in the ShellMovieComplete1/110+[info] [notes]
What the Matrix tried to be (and should've been) but failed. Intriguing.
Ghost in the Shell 2: InnocenceMovieComplete1/110[info] [notes]
Back again, with a somewhat toned down story and more polished visuals.
Grave of the FirefliesMovieComplete1/1S[info] [notes]
Depressing beginning, depressing middle, depressing end. Never was such a depressing movie this great. And for being able to pull my emotional srings this well, I now speak of it highly.
GunGraveSeriesComplete26/267[info] [notes]
Schizo, to say the least. Divided into two arcs, one with more plot than action, and the other vice-versa. Only the former is satisfying, and I was left wondering why they made one anime instead of two.
HellsingSeriesComplete13/138[info] [notes]
Vampire slaying never was more stylish. Though one really loses some sense of enjoyment when you realize the lead can.never.die.
Howl's Moving CastleMovieComplete1/19 [notes]
Takes a totally different tone than that of Miyazaki's other movies, but it's probably due to the different source material. Much more breezy and less intense, but certainly still wonderful in its own way.
Kiki's Delivery ServiceMovieComplete1/110 [notes]
One of the more delightful of Miyazaki's works. The designs are absolutely gorgeous, and the movie's power lies in its awesome simplicity, yet at the same time hides a depth that slowly is revealed.
Kodomo no JikanOVAComplete1/15 [notes]
Lolicon? Nope. More like pedocon. No wonder no one in the States wanted to go anywhere near it. Anyway, somewhat entertaining nonetheless, unless you cringe at such content.
Laputa: Castle in the SkyMovieComplete1/19 [notes]
A wonderful adventure that may be slow at times but always remains entertaining. Howl's Moving Castle utilized quite a bit of the designs found in this movie. Of course, that's because Miyazaki directed both of them.
Last ExileSeriesComplete26/2610+[info] [notes]
A well thought out story populated with wonderful characters. Airships, musket battles, hourglass worlds, and yes, vanship races. A wonderfully odd combination that works.
My Neighbourhood TotoroMovieComplete1/110+ [notes]
A simple and quiet exploration of childhood in the country, with a dash of magic. Hearkens back to simple fantasy (ala Narnia), where with such things like an animal bus (literally) and a place only reachable at certain times.
Nausicaa of the Valley of the WindMovieComplete1/110[info] [notes]
Ahead of its time.
Neon Genesis EvangelionSeriesComplete26/269[info] [notes]
Solid mecha action combined with an intriguing plot/characters make one of the more interesting animes out there. Lame when it comes to its pysc-ramblings, though.
Perfect BlueMovieComplete1/17[info] [notes]
A typical pyschological thriller that, despite being well executed, still feels somewhat old (been there, done that) in this day and age.
Princess MononokeMovieComplete1/110[info] [notes]
In a totally different level of storytelling, and visual display. Brilliant.
Rurouni Kenshin: ReminiscenceOVAComplete4/48[info] [notes]
So close to being great, but not really quite there. More than good enough for an "origins" show. Overrated, IMHO.
Samurai ChamplooSeriesComplete26/2610+ [notes]
From the director of Bebop, comes a brilliant re-invention of the Samurai Genre, complete with beepboxing, tagging and fluid swordfights. A brilliant breath of fresh air.
School DaysSeriesTo See0/12n/a
Shakugan No ShanaSeriesComplete24/248[info] [notes]
While treading on familiar ground, this anime still manages to carve out its own path, and does so compellingly as well. And Koh Otani's music (which is reminiscent at some points of his masterpiece, the OST of Shadow of the Colossus), while not that great, elevates it a little higher.
Shakugan No Shana 2SeriesWatching1/?n/a
Strawberry PanicSeriesAbandoned4/262[info] [notes]
Blergh. Yuri taking place in an all-girls school. Go figure.
Tenjou TengeSeriesAbandoned17/245[info] [notes]
It being both a serious seinen anime and comedic ecchi one makes it a total mess. Got fed up.
Trinity BloodSeriesComplete24/246[info] [notes]
So much potential. So much wasted. *Sigh* The crappy ending was inevitable, due to extenuating circumstances. Still, could've been so much better. But it still was watchable, and the early episodes were among the best.
VandreadSeriesComplete13/137[info] [notes]
Found the 1st episode so funny, hilarious and a little intriguing that I (unwisely) bothered to finish the whole thing. Gets a little too annoying sometimes, but of course, it has its moments.
Vandred: The Second StageSeriesComplete13/136[info] [notes]
More of the same, if a little weaker and more nonsensical. Got a little boring, too.
Voices of A Distant StarOVAComplete1/19[info] [notes]
Think "The Lake House", except in a sci-fi context. Of course, its not as cheesy, and its much more harder to understand. Short and sweet; loved it.
Whisper of the HeartMovieComplete1/1S [notes]
A brilliant adaptation of the manga of the same name, this movie while being considerably more ordinary than other Ghibli films (there are no magical creatures here or advanced technology, for instance),it still contains magic of its own as it wonderfully depicts the protagonist's imagination and life with all its ups and downs. A must see.
Wolf's RainSeriesWatching4/30n/a