TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
.hack//Tasogare no Udewa DensetsuSeriesComplete12/126[info]
Abenobashi Mahou ShoutengaiSeriesComplete13/137[info]
Ai Yori AoshiSeriesComplete24/246[info]
Ai Yori Aoshi EnishiSeriesComplete12/126[info]
Azumanga DaiohSeriesComplete26/269[info]
Byousoku 5cmMovieWatching1/?S[info]
Chrno CrusadeSeriesComplete24/248[info]
ClaymoreSeriesBlogging6/?Sc[info] [blog]
Code GeassSeriesWatching23/25S[info] [blog]
Comic PartySeriesComplete13/136[info]
Cowboy BebopSeriesComplete26/2610[info]
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's DoorMovieComplete1/19[info]
Dennou CoilSeriesTo See0/?n/a[info]
Detective ConanSeriesOn Hold146/?10+[info] [notes]
Pff, when will Neg sub 156-160... need to burn them eps badly, my Conan Folder is over 35GB now x_x
Detective Conan Movie 01MovieComplete1/18[info]
Detective Conan Movie 02MovieComplete1/18[info]
Detective Conan Movie 03MovieComplete1/19[info]
Detective Conan Movie 10MovieComplete1/110[info] [notes]
Don't ask me why I skipped the other movies. I'll definitely watch them... someday u_u;
Di Gi CharatSeriesComplete16/166[info]
Elfen LiedSeriesComplete13/139[info]
Excel SagaSeriesComplete25/259[info] [notes]
Final Fantasy: UnlimitedSeriesComplete25/257[info]
FLCLSeriesComplete6/610[info] [notes]
First (fansub) anime I ever watched on a computer. I still remember the day a friend of mine gave me a couple of CD's with the eps, and I was lacking the codecs... so the image was green and I could only hear the sound XD
Fruits BasketSeriesComplete26/2610[info] [notes]
Loved that show. I think I did cry at 2nd watch ;_;
Full Metal AlchemistSeriesComplete51/51Sc[info] [notes]
Still haven't watched the movie. -_-
Full Metal Panic!SeriesComplete24/2410+[info]
Full Metal Panic? FumoffuSeriesComplete11/117[info]
FutakoiSeriesComplete13/138[info] [notes]
I helped translate the last few episodes ^^ and then came Futakoi Alt... which I fully translated :3
Futakoi AlternativeSeriesComplete13/1310[info] [notes]
Yep, most probably the only series I translated that has been fully released ^^
Galaxy AngelSeriesComplete26/26Sc[info] [notes]
Me is a Galaxy Angel Fanboy (nickname in css: .#mtf - Milfeulle) XD
Galaxy Angel 2ndSeriesComplete9/9Sc[info] [notes]
whooooo~~~ whoooo~~ omatase everybodyyyyyyyy etc XD
Galaxy Angel 3rdSeriesComplete26/26Sc[info] [notes]
Ukki Ukki!
Galaxy Angel 4thSeriesAbandoned3/13Sc[info] [notes]
Why I never finished this? Well, since AH had beel lagging back then, I thought I could translate it for AnY, and so I did for the 3 first episodes. The problem was, there was hardly anyone as motivated as me to do this series... So it got dropped (and after a few months AH finished it anyway), so I ended up dropping the watch as well, since then I took a break from anime. I should finish it someday.......
GenshikenSeriesAbandoned8/1210[info] [notes]
I can't remember how many eps I watched... Bah, need to watch the series soon.
Getsumen To Heiki MiinaSeriesOn Hold5/117[info] [blog]
Girls Bravo First SeasonSeriesComplete11/114[info] [notes]
Bleh. Hated but watched it nevertheless. Pfff -_-
Girls Bravo Second SeasonSeriesAbandoned1/131[info] [notes]
Too stupid for my tastes.
Green GreenSeriesComplete12/125[info]
Gundam SEEDSeriesComplete50/5010+[info]
Gundam SEED DestinySeriesComplete14/508[info] [blog]
Haibane RenmeiSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Hoshi no KoeOVAComplete1/1S[info] [notes]
Shinkai Makoto FTW!
Interstella5555MovieComplete1/19[info] [notes]
Nice animated music video (up)
Kannazuki no MikoSeriesComplete12/127[info] [notes]
The first series I ever translated for AnY. It was supposed to be a joint project with Shit... SHS. I did ALL of the TLs, and, although they were crappy (I know they were), noone bothered doing something about it, especially the guys from SHS. And until SS was done, all we could do was release one two eps, if ever. And then they come back to me and and tell blabla, no thanks. I was so motivated to translate that series (back then I only had internet weekends at home, so I had to sacrifice many weekends for that), and all I get is, no progress. Pfft. (this is why I barely never get SHS subs anymore)
Key the Metal IdolSeriesComplete15/157[info]
Kimi ga Nozomu EienSeriesComplete14/149[info]
Koi KazeSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii SekaiSeriesComplete12/128[info]
Love HinaSeriesComplete24/247[info]
Love Hina AgainOVAComplete3/35[info]
Love Hina Chistmas SpecialOVAComplete1/16[info]
Love Hina Spring SpecialOVAComplete1/16[info]
Lucky StarSeriesOn Hold1/?8[info] [notes]
only the OP owns. the rest, boring... although some references are quite fun (Initial D for instance)
Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na KotoSeriesComplete12/129[info]
Midori no HibiSeriesComplete13/139[info]
Nanaka 6/17SeriesComplete12/127[info]
Narue no SekaiSeriesComplete12/126[info]
NarutoSeriesAbandoned100/2207[info] [notes]
Yes, I used to read the scanlations. Yes, I used to watch it. YES I DROPPED IT ever since it became gay at ep 100. And, I don't regret it.
Neon Genesis EvangelionSeriesComplete26/26S[info] [notes]
4 watches, and still confused.
NGE Movie: The End of EvangelionMovieComplete1/18[info]
NGE OVA: Death & RebirthMovieComplete1/17[info]
NHK ni Youkoso!SeriesOn Hold4/2410[info] [notes]
Yet another failed TL attempt... And it's always the staff's fault (I am slow, I admit, but noone bothers me further to speed up. All I need is a word and I'm on it... -_-)
Ninin ga ShinobudenSeriesComplete12/125[info]
Now and Then, Here and ThereSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Onegai TwinsSeriesComplete12/127[info]
Otaku no VideoOVAComplete2/25[info] [notes]
Erm... in my burned dvd list it's said that I watched it... I can't remember anything about it though....... x_x
Pita TenSeriesAbandoned13/268[info] [notes]
I don't know where I left it ~su :'(
Psychic AcademySeriesComplete24/244[info]
Pumpkin ScissorsSeriesOn Hold17/248[info] [blog]
Puni Puni PoemiOVAComplete2/24[info]
Ranma ½SeriesAbandoned40/1438[info] [notes]
I really liked it. Used to watch the German dubs on TV, but those idiots kept mixing up the seasons and eventually dropped it. I got on the subs a few years later... much too late for my long gone fandom.
Rozen MaidenSeriesComplete12/1210+[info] [notes]
DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU and guess what Suiseiseki aka DESU was the only reason why I even started watching Rozen Maiden. And I never regretted it XD
Rozen Maiden ~Ouvertüre~OVAOn Hold1/210+[info]
Rozen Maiden ~Träumend~SeriesComplete12/1210+[info] [notes]
School RumbleSeriesComplete26/26S[info]
School Rumble Ni GakkiSeriesComplete26/26Sc[info]
Serial Experiments LainSeriesComplete13/138[info]
Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~SeriesComplete25/257[info]
Submarine 707ROVAComplete2/28[info]
Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannSeriesTo See0/?n/a[info]
Tenjou TengeSeriesComplete24/248[info]
To HeartSeriesComplete13/136[info]
TsukihimeSeriesComplete12/12Sc[info] [notes]
Yep. Awesome. And, the game rocks even more. HISUIIIIIIII
Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~SeriesComplete25/257[info] [notes]
nyaaa~ nyaaa~~
Uchuu no StellviaSeriesComplete26/268[info]
UtawarerumonoSeriesComplete26/26S[info] [notes]
Everyone is furry for Eruru (and Aruru as well, yeah...)
Yakitate!! JapanSeriesComplete69/69S[info]