TitleType StatusProgressRating Links
Azumanga DaiohSeriesComplete26/26Sc[info] [notes]
Personal favorite. I think there might be something wrong with your brain if you don't like Azumanga Daioh. This was therapy anime during exam times at my university.
Crest of the StarsSeriesComplete13/138[info]
El Hazard: The Magnificent WorldOVAComplete7/7S[info] [notes]
Full Metal Panic? FumoffuSeriesComplete11/11Sc[info] [notes]
You don't need to see FMP before watching this.
GankutsuouSeriesComplete24/2410+[info] [blog] [notes]
Watching this made it feel like my eyes were orgasming. Gets a high grade for visuals alone. Also, the Count is one of the most bad-ass characters ever. He rides a limo...drawn by a team of cyborg horses, and everyone in the show is totally gar for him.
Golden BoyOVAComplete6/610[info] [notes]
Great Teacher OnizukaSeriesComplete43/43S+[info] [notes]
Personal favorite. I am hard gay for Onizuka.
Haibane RenmeiSeriesComplete13/13S[info] [notes]
Haibane Renmei is beautiful, and a good example of how to do surrealism in a way that is interesting instead of just confusing.
Honey and CloverSeriesComplete26/269[info] [notes]
This includes Chapter L and Chapter F. Hachikuro went downhill IMO in the second half, but Chapter L was incredibly awesome.
Millenium ActressMovieComplete1/110+[info] [notes]
Bad point: Not quite as provocative as Perfect Blue. Good point: Not quite as provocative as Perfect Blue.
MushishiSeriesComplete26/2610[info] [notes]
One of the few "healing" anime I was able to enjoy. Occasionally thought provoking. Excellent art.
Neon Genesis EvangelionSeriesComplete26/2610+[info] [notes]
Do you want to become one with me?
Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of EvangelionMovieComplete1/1Sc[info] [notes]
I lol'd.
Nodame CantabileSeriesComplete23/238[info] [notes]
The slow parts were filled in nicely with music.
Now and Then, Here and ThereSeriesComplete13/138[info] [notes]
Funny story. At my local anime society, people vote on what to watch each semester based on screening first episodes. After the first episode of this, they are like "Oh it is fantasy adventure." Then one episode later it's like a solarized panel in a gaijin-4koma all across the room.
Otaku no VideoOVAComplete2/28[info] [notes]
You should probably watch this.
Ouran Koukou Host ClubSeriesComplete26/26S[info] [notes]
Very refreshing.
Perfect BlueMovieComplete1/1S+[info] [notes]
Satoshi Kon is a genius. IMO, he is easily the best director in all of anime, easily outstripping Miyazaki. Perfect Blue might be his best work. It is an excellent example of how to bring out the unique aspects of a medium (animation) and make them work for you.
PlanetesSeriesComplete26/2610[info] [blog]
R.O.D. - Read or DieOVAComplete3/3S[info] [notes]
This is one of those anime everyone should see.
R.O.D. - the TVSeriesComplete26/2610[info] [notes]
I am R.O.D. fanboy. Watch the OVA first.
Shoujo Kakumei UtenaSeriesComplete39/39S+[info] [blog] [notes]
I have put way too much thought into this series.
Suzumiya Haruhi no YuutsuoSeriesComplete14/149[info] [blog] [notes]
I think most people liked this for different reasons than I did.
The Girl Who Leapt Through TimeMovieComplete1/110[info]
Tokyo GodfathersMovieComplete1/110+[info]
Tonari no TotoroMovieComplete1/1S[info] [notes]
A lot less anti-industrialism focused than Miyazaki's other movies. More about childhood. Very poignant.
Vision of EscaflowneSeriesComplete26/26S[info] [notes]
Steam dragon mecha ftw. Good fantasy romance. Also check out the english parody dub "Nescaflowne," which is surprisingly hilarious (most parody dubs are reetarded).